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How do I work with notes and note boards?

Keep track of your ideas, to-do’s, and what’s next for your text. Let your creativity explode using AutoCrit notes.




With the note side panel open, you can create new notes and note boards by clicking the appropriate + link as shown here:




When creating a new note board, you can create an entirely blank board or choose to load a board with pre-built notes from one of AutoCrit’s templates as shown here:



You can view each note as a small window, or expand to full screen. Each note also has a settings menu where you can change the note color, export the contents to a file, move, copy, or delete the note.




Finally, put your notes on full display by switching to the corkboard view:





In any screen, you can drag and drop your notes to reposition them. You can also use the “search notes” field search for text the note files.


With notes, The possibilities are endless!


Would you like a more detailed walk through of the note features? This video may be of help:


Write better. Right now.