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Spelling and Grammar


This analysis will help you spot spelling and grammar mistakes you may have missed on your initial read through.


What If I Want to Ignore That Suggestion?

blankEveryone makes spelling and grammar mistakes, even best-selling authors. In this report, possible spelling errors are highlighted in red and grammar errors highlighted in blue. But what if you want that word to be spelled that way? This is common with character names or if a character’s dialogue is written in slang.

Luckily, this is an easy fix with two different options.


Exclude from All Reports

If you want to remove a word or phrase from any documents in your AutoCrit account, you’ll want to use the option “exclude it from all reports.” This will ensure the word is excluded from all future runs of any report you perform in AutoCrit. This option is ideal for character names or locations.

For more information, see this post on excluding words.


Remove Current Highlight

blankIf you want to remove a word or phrase from the open document, you’ll want to select “remove current highlighting”. Keep in mind, this will not permanently change your settings in regard to this word or phrase. If you run the spelling and grammar report again, the highlights will return.

This option is ideal for slang terms that perhaps you want used in one file, but not in another.



Another Replacement

blankLet’s say you don’t like the recommended replacement for your grammar or spelling error. You have the option to add a custom replacement.

Select the option for “another replacement” and type in the word or phrase you want to replace the highlighted text with.

Keep in mind, this will only change that ONE instance where the word or phrase is found, not every time there is a highlight for this type of error.


The bottom line

No one wants to read a book with spelling or grammar errors!