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Why doesn’t AutoCrit check for spelling and grammar?

No Grammar Checker?

We have looked long and hard for grammar checking software that we feel comfortable bringing into AutoCrit. From the outset, we severely underestimated the challenge this would pose as time and time again the various software systems failed our tests.

At best, they would find 20% of the errors in the test document. Often, in the rare case when a grammar error was found, the solution suggested was incorrect. This is simply not good enough for our customers.

We cannot, in good faith, claim to check for grammar and be wrong or recommend erroneous solutions.

We are not alone in coming to this conclusion.  Daniel Kies of the Department of English, College of DuPage agrees. He has analyzed attempts by programmers to check for grammar over the past 20 years.

The best recommendation we have for a grammar checking solution is for you, or better yet, a beta reader, to read through your text.  Read it silently and out loud.  Most grammar errors will jump off the page as you read them.

AutoCrit has elected to focus on our core strength of finding fiction style errors and indicators of weak writing.  We feel this is how to best serve our members rather than making false claims to solve all grammar issues.

If you find that you simply must have a software program to check your grammar,  please test it for accuracy first.

No Spell Checker?

As with the grammar checker, our staff turned over countless rocks in search of something we would put our name behind.  While several decent options are out there, none were substantially better than what your Internet browser provides free of charge.

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox all have the ability to check your spelling as you type.  None have a flashy interface, but all performed reasonably well in our tests.

Given this, AutoCrit has elected to keep our costs as low as possible and recommends that our users utilize the free spell checkers that are available with popular internet browsers and word processing programs.