What Our Members Say About AutoCrit


It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my writing.

I just finished my book, Second Chance, and I could not have done it without your program. It has helped me to write more concisely and eliminated my tendency to repeat phrases. I will definitely use the program again, as I am writing my new novel, Homeless.

I just renewed my subscription as my third novel was released with nothing more for editing than your program. I have received professional reviews of four and five stars. Thank you for your wonderful product.

I purchased my gold membership a couple of days ago and am delighted to report that I have hardly stopped using it since. As this is my third novel, I can confidently attest that AutoCrit makes the whole proof-reading process a more delightful experience and I shall be recommending it to all my author friends in the future. Thanks for a wonderful application!!

AutoCrit is wonderful! I’m often mistrustful of writing software but this is gold. It’s picking up tics I didn’t know I had and is saving me hours of time and eye-ache in the editing stages. Plus it’s fun and supportive. I’m running a writing workshop in November and will be recommending this. I’m hooked!

I know you’ve heard it said before BUT here it is again! Love My Auto Crit********

I think your software is the best out there: worth every penny.

Thought I’d let you know I gave AutoCrit a recommendation on my latest blog post. Check it out.

AutoCrit became an addictive game. It showed me general and overused words. I came up with richer descriptions. After many drafts, my first AutoCrit draft was my first real draft.

I just want to let you know, that I went over the first 16 chapters of my present novel and I love it. I’m wishing I had found AutoCrit long ago! Thank you!

Just wanted to tell you how much help AutoCrit has been, it is absolutely amazing! I did not realize how much my manuscript could be improved until I signed up, after learning about your editing wizard from Writer\’s Digest. Thank you so much!!

I wrote a while back to say ‘thank you’ for offering such a wonderful editing program. And now, I feel like I need to write with ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU for helping me accomplish one of my biggest dreams. Since using AutoCrit, I’ve published two novellas and I’m seeing sales numbers I’d never expected to see. Thank you for helping this dream come true! I will NEVER stop using AutoCrit!

I have been using AutoCrit for a couple of years. I run numerous short pieces beneath its sharp eyes and it never fails to generate improvement. The program creates a discipline and my only failing is I do not use it as often as I should.  At very least the program has awakened me to a number of my repetitive, absolutely correctable faults. I have cleaned up an entire novel using it, chapter-by-chapter. I recommend autocrit to anyone who will listen. Even William Shakespeare could benefit from its observations.

Fantastic product, love it!

I absolutely LOVE autocrit and its such a lifesaver during editing!

I use AutoCrit multiple times every day and believe the confidence I have in my final work is due to AutoCrit. I recommend the site to everyone I know.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful tool. I have a mantra, “take away my food, but don’t take away my Google or my AutoCrit….” AutoCrit has cut my editing time more than 80%. Great stuff

Just wanted to say I absolutely love the new site. I havent used it in a while and was pleasantly surprised. Its much simpler and user friendly. I will definitely be renewing my membership/subscription. It’s a Godsend! Wonderful! Pamela

A quick note to let you know that I love your product. I use it weekly. Have been using the free version, but you were being too generous! I am now a subscriber. Thank you for the editing wizard! Jill

In reflecting on tools that were AWESOME in my classroom, I just wanted email you to thank you again for AutoCrit and for the professional membership. My students loved using it and it really, really helped me show them little things they need to work and it helped me have actual conversations with them about their writing!

The AutoCrit Editing Wizard has helped me improve my manuscript beyond imagination! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful tool to aspiring writers. With your help, I am creating a wonderful piece that I can be proud of forever!

You are outstanding! I just talked to my husband (who is also a writer) and passed along these emails. He is blown away by how wonderful you are. His exact words: “You don’t find a business owner this willing to have one-on-one interaction with their customers these days! She actually cares! Outstanding!”

I just started using your program and it is great.

Thanks so much for responding AND for having a great product.

I love using AutoCrit!… My writing has improved out of sight. I have completed two novels and begun a third, as well as published a number of articles and short stories.

Your program has made a huge difference in my writing.

I am learning from using the Wizard, my Platinum membership is worth it after only 5 days!

I love your product!

What a great program!

Yours is an excellent product, glad I stumbled upon it.

Your editing software is the best I’ve used. Finds so much that a writer can easily overlook, especially all those repeated phrases.

I love the program. It has saved me a lot of work.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful creation of Autocrit. I love it!

Your editing program is excellent.

I just happily renewed my membership. I recommend your site constantly. My book, THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTERS will be published in January by St. Martin’s Press. Autocrit was and is a great help during my revision process. You’ve got a heck of an algorithm.

Thank you very much for Autocrit. It’s an awesome helper!

I absolutely love auto crit and can’t live without it

I just wanted to let you know how helpful this site has been in editing my novel already and I just joined the site. I would never have picked up some of the problems in my manuscript without this service. I’ve already made changes that have taken it to the next level. This is a tool no writer should be without. So glad I found it!

AutoCrit saves me hours of review by catching errors I would otherwise miss.  I could never see them all, but AutoCrit misses nothing.  An outstanding product.  Thanks.

Yay! You are the best. I love your site. Jen

AutoCrit rocks!!!

I wanted to let you know I love this program!  It is a real lifesaver!
Veronica, October 2008

I have been using Autocrit for a while and I LOVE it.
Craig, August 2008

I depend on AutoCrit for all my writing. J, August 2008

I’ve been emailing writing friends all over about how great your product is.
Randy, July 2008

This program has really tightened my writing.  If I ever sell my novel, I will credit AutoCrit.
Toni, July 2008

I cannot tell you how helpful this service has been to me, it gives me the confidence needed before submitting.
Patti, April 2008

This website is the best thing that’s ever happened in my writing career. Jen, March 2008

I love auto crit. It has helped me immensely.
Jaclyn, February 2008

I LOVE your tool!
Jean, February 2008

I was paying an editor to help me edit my book and I hadn’t noticed what a crappy job she was doing until I found this site! Your site has changed my life! I cannot believe what an eye opener it has been. I fired my editor and now I am using this site 24/7.
Jennifer, February 2008

I am really enjoying auto crit…Boy, does it work…and gives me so many ideas.
Jim, January 2008

I am loving this program, it completely rocks!
JT, January 2008

I use Autocrit, if not daily, several times a week. It’s awesome,
Kathy, January 2008

Thanks Nina, love the site…its wonderful.
Kathy, January 2008

I want to tell you that you have great info on your site and I have been thoroughly enjoying it.
Jan, January 2008

Thank you so much..I think your product is marvelous…
Jim, December 2007

I’ve enjoyed Autocrit and it’s helped me streamline my writing.
Leah, November 2007

Nina, You are the best! Sharon (a fan for life)
Sharon, November 2007

I just wanted to tell you how much I got out of the Scenes With Impact class. I’ve been writing for years and I just figured out that my writing wasn’t flowing as well as it should but NO ONE could put their finger on the problem. Now that I’ve gone back to the basics, I can see where I’ve slipped up and I can now make my writing tighter and flow smoother. It’s making a big difference. Thanks!
Nancy, October 2007

Just so you know, the classes were awesome as well. That stuff on cause and effect, and scene and sequel? Well…it’s like I knew it, but I didn’t know it, if you know what I mean. I’m a big reader, and I go a lot on instinct. I know when something doesn’t feel right in my gut. But I’ve never heard anyone talk about cause and effect like that, and it really makes a difference when I’m revising. Now I can pinpoint my problems faster.
Leah, November 2007

It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my writing.
Sydnee, August 2007

The program works great!
Bea July 2007

I think what you have created here is fantastic!
William, July 2007

I LOVE IT!!! I am also going to use this tool on my next Amazon Short, and not send it to my professional Proofreader/Editor ($.0.08 / word). My first article (10,000 words) will more than pay for a year’s membership!
John, September 2007

Thanks for a terrific site. Don’t think I could live without it now. I’m hooked.
Sydnee, August 2007

I love your program. It helped me tighten up my writing.
Amy, April 2007

I love AutoCrit!
Joanne, June 2007

I’ve found it very helpful so far. Much appreciated.
Joy, May 2007

A wonderful, wonderful program!
Traci, May 2007

I’m just very impressed with what you’ve developed.
Boyd, May 2007

I enjoy your program.
Richard, May 2007

I find your program very helpful,
Russell, May 2007

This is the first time I’ve used it and think it is great.
Marlene, March 2007

By the way, I really like this program and have referred a lot of people to it.
Melissa, February 2007

AutoCrit is a wonderful tool, and I appreciate you putting me on the fast track to using it.
Stevie, February 2007

Just want you to know what a great service this is; thanks so much for developing it.
Meryl, March 2007

Keep up the excellent work.
Pam, Feb 2007

The AutoCrit site is truly great BTW
Clive, January 2007

Keep at it, it’s an excellent piece of software!
Dan, March 2007

I’ll be back.. I like this service, and also, your personal touch
Lea, January 2007

BTW, your AutoCrit is fabulous
Joanne, January 2007

I absolutely luv Auto Crit.
Peggy, August 2006

I LOVE autocrit. Thanks for a great service.
Joanne, June 2006

Thank you for responding so quickly, and I really LOVE autocrit. It has improved my writing so much. Thank you for this wonderful program.
Betty, August 2006

I think it is a great service and am very glad you set it up and share it with us
Jude, April 2006

I’m using the program and happy as a clam, Nina. Thanks so much for your reply!
Kathleen, April 2006

Thanks for helping to make my writing shine!
Peggy, October 2006

I wanted to thank you personally for such a great website and tool. I’m more than happy to recommend it.
Joanne, April 2006

I’m a big fan of autocrit
Stephanie, Jan 2006

I am having a ball playing with your product.
Selah, April 2006

You are marvelous and so is your program.
Luisa, October 2006

I think this is a wonderful tool, and it has helped me immensely
Anne, October 2006

I love this program and will upgrade to have all the features.
Toni, November 2006

I’m recommending it to all my writer friends. I think its great!
Vicki, September 2006

It truly is an amazing program and I couldn’t even begin to develop such a thing.
Pam, July 2005

Cool program
Scott, April 2005