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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the questions most often asked by fiction authors before they choose AutoCrit as their premier self-editing partner.

Who would benefit from AutoCrit membership?

AutoCrit is specifically designed for fiction authors who want to cut down the time and stress involved in producing a professionally edited manuscript, without compromising on the quality of their work or their creative vision.

On top of this, AutoCrit is the only self-editing software that dynamically adjusts its editing instruction based on the user’s choice of genre – ensuring your work offers the reading experience your selected niche has been proven to enjoy.

I already have a lovely human editor I trust with my work – why would I need AutoCrit?

One of the most common headaches authors face is the cost (both in time and money) involved in repeated rounds of editing. When your human editor is forced to take care of stylistic problems before they can do anything else, the process can become drawn out, frustrating and combative – no matter how good your personal relationship is.

AutoCrit gives you the power to not only eliminate stylistic problems in the first instance, but to accurately shape your manuscript to suit the genre in which you’re writing. This means that as soon as your draft is complete, your human editor can do what you truly love them for: Help tune your storytelling to perfection, without sacrificing time to stylistic concerns.

Will this ruin my writing and eliminate my voice?

Absolutely not. Style and voice are two different things. AutoCrit produces recommendations based on style guidelines and trends in published fiction, but you're always in control as the author.  If you'd rather ignore a recommendation you're 100% free to do so – without being hounded by the software or made to feel like you’re “wrong.”

How can I get help with using AutoCrit?

For the best possible user experience, AutoCrit includes a full suite of guides for its features, along with explanation of how to interpret each analysis and best practices for self-editing. If you’d like to dive into these right now, just head to this link.

And don’t forget – if you ever get stuck, our friendly, personal support is only an email away.

What kind of tech do I need to use AutoCrit?

AutoCrit is fully online, web-based software. You can use it from any internet-enabled device, so you’re always ready to write and edit wherever you go (provided there’s an internet connection). A laptop or desktop PC/Mac is recommended for the best experience.

What if I'm not ready to edit my stories yet?

The real question is: Why aren't you editing already? Whether you're a pantser or a planner, with AutoCrit you can edit chapter by chapter, improving as you go. As your proficiency increases thanks to AutoCrit's feedback, you'll find yourself naturally optimizing those later chapters – giving you less and less to fix. By the end, you'll have a completed manuscript that's already in impressive shape... and in half the time! Why drag the process on by waiting? You've got more stories to write, and your fans want to read this one yesterday!

How come there’s no fully-featured free trial of AutoCrit’s online editor? How do I know if I’ll like it?

Simply put: AutoCrit’s algorithms (including the Standout Fiction Algorithm) work best when dealing with larger chunks of text. The more writing you feed in, the better it can optimize.

To make a free trial sensible for us, we would have to take steps to restrict the number of characters free users could feed in, or hobble the system in some other way. After going to the effort to create an account, a restricted experience just wouldn’t be what you deserve.

Instead, we offer a rock-solid money back guarantee. When you join AutoCrit, you have instant access to everything the software has to offer – and if you decide it isn’t for you within your first 14 days of use, just email customersupport@autocrit.com and your refund will be swiftly processed.

What makes AutoCrit different to the likes of Grammarly and ProWritingAid?

AutoCrit is not a grammar checker or spell check program. The focus remains firmly on elements of style. Whilst similar services cater to a broad range of writers, AutoCrit is built from the ground up to serve the specific needs of fiction authors.

Focused on quality reporting and user experience, AutoCrit ensures fiction writers can swiftly refine their readers' experience through only the most immediately relevant, impactful feedback – because everyone knows quantity does not equal quality. Additionally, no other automated editing software sports AutoCrit's unique Standout Fiction Algorithm, which dynamically adjusts your editing guidance based on real-world data from successful books across many different genres.

What’s the Standout Fiction Algorithm? Did you REALLY scan millions of books to create it?

YES! Literally millions of complete, successful published novels have been scanned and fed into AutoCrit in order to create the Standout Fiction Algorithm – the only one like it on the market.

With it, you can compare your work directly to real, published fiction from some of the top publishing houses and in genres such as Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Romance. Following a mere couple of clicks, you can see how your writing compares to these standards – then tweak it in real time to obtain the best chance at a successful, critically acclaimed novel... and the career to match.

AutoCrit doesn’t just offer recommendations based on bog-standard style manuals and editing guides. Creativity meets technology in this real-world data, smartly applied for your benefit.

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