Beat Writer's Block with the AutoCrit Inspiration Studio

Unlock new creative pathways and never run short on ideas again, thanks to your dedicated storytelling wingman.

What Comes Next?

Need some ideas to keep your story moving? Find your way forward with instant contextual suggestions that help heighten tension, reveal character, or throw caution to the wind with over-the-top unexpected happenings.

Change the Mood

Want to mix up the feel of a scene? Let AutoCrit take a look and offer suggestions for ways you could tap into a range of emotions – from surprise, to happiness, sadness, fear, disgust and more.

Build Your Story's Structure

Craft all your story's major beats from start to finish with the help of AutoCrit. Start with a full plan or just a few elements like character or setting, and AutoCrit will help you flesh it out with fresh ideas.

Sometimes all we need is a little creative boost.

Whether you have the entire scope of your story in mind or only the simplest nugget of a premise, AutoCrit can help you flesh it out in minutes.

Type your premise, character profile, setting, or even just your vision for a single scene. AutoCrit will offer up ideas that match the context of your initial input.

Have a better idea? Just type it into the box and all further elements you generate will take that new context into account!

Once you have all your elements together, you can generate an overview of every single beat of your story in a matter of seconds. Get ideas for the Opening Image, Inciting Incident, Midpoint Twist and more... all the way to The End.

It's the perfect way to navigate the maze of your own mind – and once you've developed characters, plot points, or a plan you love, you can save it all to private note cards to reference later.

Story Builder Includes Integrated Beat Sheets For:

Plot-Centered Narrative

Character-Centered Narrative

Short Story



More genres to come in future updates!

Add Emotional Power with "Change the Mood"

The revolutionary "Change the Mood" wizard is designed to inject life into every scene by analyzing your writing and offering dynamic mood-altering suggestions.

With options ranging from joyous to somber, furious to disgusted, and everything in between, you'll receive a tailored series of proposals that could help shift the tone of your story in the desired direction.

Every suggested idea is contextually relevant to the story so far, so you can be sure they'll fit in.

Get Unstuck with "What Happens Next?"

Brace yourself for the game-changing "What Happens Next."

By analyzing your writing, this groundbreaking tool will suggest plot twists, character revelations, ways to heighten tension, and outlandish events that will keep your readers guessing and have them clamoring for the next chapter.

Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to an endless wellspring of inspiration. You might not want to use the exact suggestions given, but they'll most definitely help open your mind to wider possibilities.

Find the Right Words Faster with your Contextual Thesaurus

A thesaurus should be a help, not a hindrance.

AutoCrit's smart thesaurus takes into account the context of the sentence you're writing and offers the most fitting options to keep you moving.

Save precious time and stay in the flow... instead of getting pulled off track as you search through a legion of useless options!

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Give writer’s block the boot with additional AI-powered tools inside AutoCrit’s Inspiration Studio. Create, develop and plan new story ideas from start to finish, and find new directions for your work-in-progress with helpful suggestions to keep you moving.

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AutoCrit Inspiration Studio:
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Inspiration Studio uses generative AI to come up with ideas and suggestions. This is completely different to the nature of AutoCrit’s core editing reports.

No. The Inspiration Studio will not generate prose for you. Instead, it’s like having a creative partner in the room as you develop a project.

Perhaps you have a great idea for a character, but can’t find a setting that really fits them.

Or maybe you have an awesome idea for a setting, but can’t quite think of a story that could take place there.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a scene and wondering how to mix things up a little. The Inspiration Studio can offer a series of different directions for you to consider, based on what you’ve already written.

Wherever you’re starting from, the Inspiration Studio helps you build on your spark – but it’s still up to you to write the story.

Developed from scratch with custom prompting so it behaves in only very specific ways, it’s here to assist the writer, not replace them.

In our experience, we’ve found that generative AI prose is overwhelmingly bland, lacking a real sense of soul, and more often than not stuffed with the kind of problems AutoCrit has always helped to prevent.

That might change in the future, but for now it’s not at all what the Inspiration Studio is about.

Instead, it’s next-generation idea, um… generation.

Now there’s a sentence so awkward it could only have been written by a human.

No, it won’t. We’re just as protective of the work of our members as we are of our own. This AI model is not trained on user input, meaning nothing you enter into the Studio is retained by the AI or used to feed future output.

No, it doesn’t.

The Inspiration Studio is totally optional and only kicks into gear when you ask it to. There is no crawling or persistent AI monitoring of your writing allowed within the AutoCrit platform.

That depends on your perspective. We recognize that as creatives, we sometimes need a little boost and inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. The blank page can be a cruel villain.

In most cases, you might not use exactly the suggestions offered to you by the assistant – but they may be a perfect launch pad to set your own imagination ablaze.

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