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Being A Brand

Starbucks. Nike. Microsoft. On the surface, they are words that mean little or nothing. But when you see the name on billboards or TV or on a product, you know exactly what they

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Setting A Realistic Budget

Let’s begin with an assumption: Unless touted as the new mega-seller, whose first novel sold at auction for an astronomical, news-making advance, the average new author probably is not rolling in bucks. Agreed?

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The Power Of Your Brand

If you’re still reading, you’re here to learn about branding — specifically, personal branding. Of course, I’m not talking about burning your own skin, but it’s interesting to note that the word ‘brand’

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The Elements of Your Brand

Personal Branding can seem quite involved — and as with anything, you can raise it to the level of obsession. (Not that I’ve ever done that). However, the easiest brands to maintain are

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