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Finding A Good Agent

Dear Barbara, I’ve heard many horror stories about writers who entrusted their work to agents, only to have the manuscript left sitting on a shelf, or the royalties stolen. In fact, I once

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Is My Novel a Romance?

How to Find out if Your Novel is a Romance. I think the most painful word in the world is “rejection,” (this word is closely followed by “we can still be friends,” and

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Novice To Professional

From the workshop by Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips, Lori & Tony Karayianni aka Tori Carrington, and Harlequin Editor, Brenda Chin presented at the Romance Writers of America Conference, Chicago, 1999 1. BASIC

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Six Steps To Finding An Agent

You’ve finished your first manuscript, or maybe your twentieth. Maybe you’re having trouble getting an editor’s attention through the slush pile or conference interviews. Maybe you know that an A-list agent can cut

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