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In Search Of The Modern Warrior Hero

The William Wallace battle cry of “Freedom” in BRAVEHEART launches my every romantic sense onto full-scale alert. What a hero! Images of medieval knights in armor and soldiers astride destriers fill best-selling romance

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Creating A Character Wall

Article posted by Nina Davies with the permission of Cheryl Kaye Tardif. For any great novelist, defining your cast of intriguing characters is the key to the success of your story. So how

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Real-Life Heroes and Heroines

Whenever anyone finds out I’m a romance writer, there are two questions that invariably pop up. One: “Where do you get your ideas?” and two: “Do you ever base your characters on real

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Body Language Basics

In any story, half of the information given to the reader is never spoken out loud.  It’s body language, and body language can tell your reader what your character is doing and how

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Crowd Control

There are occasions when a crowd is desirable. Rock concerts, parades, football games. But not even the Astrodome has an infinite seating capacity, and a novel or story is a lot more limited

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