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The Craft of Writing

conflict test

Conflict Test

1. Does one of the characters have to change in order for the conflict to be resolved? _____ Yes, Score 1 _____ No, Score 0 _____ Both characters change, Score 2 2. Can conflict be resolved with a good, honest heart-to-heart between your characters? _____ Yes, Score 0 _____ No, Score 1 3. Is it […]

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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

There are occasions when a crowd is desirable. Rock concerts, parades, football games. But not even the Astrodome has an infinite seating capacity, and a novel or story is a lot more limited than the Astrodome. How many characters can you have in a story? A novel? A single scene? How many can, or should, […]

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Drawing a Blank

I’ve heard successful writers proclaim they don’t get writer’s block because they won’t allow themselves to get writer’s block. Others have said that writer’s block is related to motivation, or lack of. All I know are my own painful experiences of starting a new book and eventually drawing a blank. I’ve learned some techniques to […]

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Edit Your Novel In Three Steps

Today’s publishing industry is cut-throat and difficult to break into. A good editing plan can make the difference between ‘sold’ and ‘shelved’. The best way to edit your novel is to think of it as a pyramid. The foundation consists of your basic storyline. The next layer consists of the scenes you’ve used to tell […]

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