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The Craft of Writing

Split Personalities

How to write for two genres and/or two publishers and/or two editors and keep your voice, your writing style and your sanity! On how to be true to yourself as a writer and

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In Search Of The Modern Warrior Hero

The William Wallace battle cry of “Freedom” in BRAVEHEART launches my every romantic sense onto full-scale alert. What a hero! Images of medieval knights in armor and soldiers astride destriers fill best-selling romance

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Catherine’s 3 C’s for Compelling Conversation

CATHERINE’S 3 C’S FOR COMPELLING CONVERSATION: Dialogue Tips from Catherine Mann Character: Age/Jargon: Make dialogue age appropriate Idiosyncrasies: Give characters words, phrases, even curses, specific to their personalities Dialects: Use sparingly, choosing a

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Conflict is very important in a romance novel — and really in any kind of a novel at all. What would the story of Romeo and Juliet be without the family feud? How

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Creating A Character Wall

Article posted by Nina Davies with the permission of Cheryl Kaye Tardif. For any great novelist, defining your cast of intriguing characters is the key to the success of your story. So how

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A Murder Wall For Crime Novelists

Article posted by Nina Davies with the permission of Cheryl Kaye Tardif. A Murder Wall is a vital tool for crime novelists. Imagine trying to write a story without knowing your suspects or

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Writing Dialogue That Speaks Volumes

Fiction is made up of two main structural elements: narrative and dialogue. Narrative is the description of what’s happening–the describing of characters, settings, moods and actions. Dialogue is either spoken or thought. *

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