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The Craft of Writing

The Not-Yet Happy Ending

The book has to end happy. The last chapter has to end happy. The others? They don’t. In fact, they shouldn’t. Because a chapter that ends with everything happy is a great reason

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For People Who Hate External Conflict

If it were up to me personally, I’d say external conflict isn’t at ALL important, because what I enjoy are the characters’ emotions. Their thoughts, their feelings, their inner turmoil. Who CARES about

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Conflict Test

1. Does one of the characters have to change in order for the conflict to be resolved? _____ Yes, Score 1 _____ No, Score 0 _____ Both characters change, Score 2 2. Can

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Story Flow

Just recently, a writing friend, who, despite being an excellent writer, is having problems with her story’s jerky feeling, asked me: “What do you mean by flow (big wail here!!!)?? I know how

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Emotional Depth 5: Emotional Sex

Yep, I said it: SEX. The hot-and-sweaty, no-holds-barred, tangled-sheets or on-the-floor, down-and-dirty three-letter word that terrifies some of us so bad we write, “put love scene here” on a page and move on

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