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Blog post real-life-heroes-and-heroines

Real-Life Heroes and Heroines

Whenever anyone finds out I’m a romance writer, there are two questions that invariably pop up. One: “Where do you get your ideas?” and two: “Do you ever base your characters on real people?” I can as easily answer the first question as explain where aluminum comes from. But the second can be confirmed with […]

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Blog post Short & Sweet Where I Get Ideas

Short & Sweet: Where I Get Ideas

I write contemporary category romances. They’re short. They’re intense. And they’re sexy. But each new book needs new plot and I’m always looking for suggestions as well as inspiration. Some of my best research and freshest ideas have come from: People Magazine (especially the annual issue of “Sexiest Men”) Writing for Harlequin Presents I revel […]

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Blog post Story Flow

Story Flow

Just recently, a writing friend, who, despite being an excellent writer, is having problems with her story’s jerky feeling, asked me: “What do you mean by flow (big wail here!!!)?? I know how to recognize it in other people’s writing, but I’m not sure what the specifics are. Is it a technique you can learn, […]

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