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The Craft of Writing: Editing

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Edit Your Novel In Three Steps

Today’s publishing industry is cut-throat and difficult to break into. A good editing plan can make the difference between ‘sold’ and ‘shelved’. The best way to edit your novel is to think of it as a pyramid. The foundation consists of your basic storyline. The next layer consists of the scenes you’ve used to tell […]

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Editing, February Style

Ah, February. The shortest month of the year. Yet, its twenty-eight days are chock-full of events. There are groundhogs, cupids, and presidents to celebrate. February is Black History Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, Library Lovers’ Month, and yes, even Grapefruit Month. Within its mere four weeks, you can celebrate Burn Awareness Week, Consumer Protection Week, […]

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editing revision-tips

Editing/Revision Tips

* Make notes on your hard copy (I like to use a red pen and highlighter). * Read your work out loud. * Use contractions wherever possible. * Vary sentence structure and length. Stress important points with short or fragmented sentences. * Vary paragraph length. Create/leave white space every so often to increase the pace […]

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Keep It Active

If the first rule of writing is Show, Don’t Tell, the second should be Keep It Active. Active voice is what puts us in the middle of the action and allows us to feel. Passive voice is what gives us the feeling that someone is telling us a story that happened once upon a time. […]

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