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The Writer’s Soul: Staying Motivated

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Belief Goes A Long Way For A Writer

Article posted by Nina Davies with the permission of Cheryl Kaye Tardif. During a recent discussion in one of my writer’s groups, the topic of book signings, marketing, shyness and belief came up. Some authors expressed that they find signings or sales to be difficult, ’embarrassing’, nerve wracking experiences. They don’t like them or don’t […]

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Blog post Dream I Dare You

Dream…I Dare You

The new year rolled in with fireworks and champagne popping. Resolutions, goals, selling of souls were thrown out to the universe with quiet desperation. Despite the high percentage of drop outs from this bunch by the first quarter of the year, we undergo the experience without fail at the beginning of each year. My resolutions, […]

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Blog post Facing The Doubt Devils

Facing The Doubt Devils

I was recently asked during one of the classes on my online writing group what to do when the doubt devils that plague most writers are validated. Like when you’re doubting your ability to ever write a publishable book and get three rejections from different publishers in one day. I’m very familiar with that scenario […]

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Fear Factor

I did something amazing today. I mailed a contest entry. “Ho hum, so what,” you might say. Well, putting a stamp on that envelope and popping it into the mailbox isn’t dull routine. It isn’t ordinary at all. I’ve just submitted my manuscript to a contest where several writers are going to give me their […]

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Blog post File It Under H Heartbreak Hope and the Holy Grail of Publishing
Blog post Getting Game Developing Mental Toughness

Getting Game: Developing Mental Toughness

I’m a wuss. Until recently, I routinely cracked under pressure. Rejections decimated me. Revisions terrified me. Getting a bad review meant a week of sleepless nights (okay, there were some really bad reviews). You’d think I’d be tougher, considering it “only” took me fifteen years to sell my first book, and in that time I […]

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