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The Writer’s Life

For Aspiring Writers

Do you dream of writing? Of having your book published? Of seeing your name on a bookstore shelf? Here are steps you can take to pursue your goals and realize your dreams! Sit

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A Step In The Right Direction

Like the arrow keys on a computer which move my manuscript up or down, forward or back, taking a new step in my writing career was filled with possibilities. I started writing category

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Cinderella Story

Once upon a time in New York state, a sort-of young Jewish girl sat slaving away at her computer writing stories of love and happily-ever-after. While she dreamed of one day making it

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When A Line Closes

It’s always a little depressing when a series or imprint closes. There are few enough markets, it seems, and to lose two more and cause even more authors to compete for the markets

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TSTL:A Writer’s Life

Recently I was reading a book review where the reviewer described the heroine as TSTL. Because of this nefarious acronym, she couldn’t recommend the book. I stopped reading, puzzled. TSTL? Tempting Sultress Takes

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Keys To Success

Contrary to what some writers will say, there is a secret formula to good writing. How do you become a good writer? Write every day – “If you work out with weights for

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The Three P’s Of Writing Success

After a fabulous all day workshop given by Lucy Monroe this fall, I had an epiphany. Writing to sell requires a writer to follow three “P”s: Process Patience Persistence Lucy Monroe stressed over

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The Keys To Success

I never would’ve had the guts to write this if I hadn’t just sold a book. I would’ve kept my shame and embarrassment to myself, figuring if I kept quiet maybe nobody would

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