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The Writer’s Soul

Getting Beyond Blocked

Dear Barbara, A few weeks ago, I decided to get serious about writing the romance novel that burns inside me. I made an outline, worked out my characters, got an idea of the

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For Aspiring Writers

Do you dream of writing? Of having your book published? Of seeing your name on a bookstore shelf? Here are steps you can take to pursue your goals and realize your dreams! Sit

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Moving Forward

Go Forward… It’s not as easy as it sounds. For some it means putting down a manuscript we’ve revised (until even we’re sick of our characters) and beginning something new. For others it

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A Step In The Right Direction

Like the arrow keys on a computer which move my manuscript up or down, forward or back, taking a new step in my writing career was filled with possibilities. I started writing category

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Cinderella Story

Once upon a time in New York state, a sort-of young Jewish girl sat slaving away at her computer writing stories of love and happily-ever-after. While she dreamed of one day making it

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On Boredom

The Beauty of Boredom I attended a writer’s retreat last June. The name of the retreat was “Writing and Dharma,” and it was billed as a combination writing and meditation retreat. Sounded right

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When A Line Closes

It’s always a little depressing when a series or imprint closes. There are few enough markets, it seems, and to lose two more and cause even more authors to compete for the markets

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