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The Writer’s Soul

Fear Factor

I did something amazing today. I mailed a contest entry. “Ho hum, so what,” you might say. Well, putting a stamp on that envelope and popping it into the mailbox isn’t dull routine.

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The Three P’s Of Writing Success

After a fabulous all day workshop given by Lucy Monroe this fall, I had an epiphany. Writing to sell requires a writer to follow three “P”s: Process Patience Persistence Lucy Monroe stressed over

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Keys To Success

Contrary to what some writers will say, there is a secret formula to good writing. How do you become a good writer? Write every day – “If you work out with weights for

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The Keys To Success

I never would’ve had the guts to write this if I hadn’t just sold a book. I would’ve kept my shame and embarrassment to myself, figuring if I kept quiet maybe nobody would

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I Liked Your Book

“I loved your book.” “I really enjoyed your book.” “Your book was wonderful.” It’s always a treat to hear comments like that. And whenever I read a wonderful book, I usually tell the

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Facing The Doubt Devils

I was recently asked during one of the classes on my online writing group what to do when the doubt devils that plague most writers are validated. Like when you’re doubting your ability

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Negative Energy Sucks

Hmm — What else to say with the final chapter of my Tough Love series? I recently held a workshop on finding the time to write. I shared my experience, duly providing tips

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Publishing Dream…I Dare You

The new year rolled in with fireworks and champagne popping. Resolutions, goals, selling of souls were thrown out to the universe with quiet desperation. Despite the high percentage of drop outs from this

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