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Writer’s Block

Getting Beyond Blocked

Dear Barbara, A few weeks ago, I decided to get serious about writing the romance novel that burns inside me. I made an outline, worked out my characters, got an idea of the

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The Ideas of March

When I sold my first book, I was ecstatic — until I hit a writer’s block that lasted for a year and a half. Now that I’ve experienced it, I know that it’s

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Drawing a Blank

I’ve heard successful writers proclaim they don’t get writer’s block because they won’t allow themselves to get writer’s block. Others have said that writer’s block is related to motivation, or lack of. All

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Courting The Muse

There’s nothing quite so satisfying for a writer as when the creative well overflows, when your characters pull you out of bed every day, begging you to tell their story and give them

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What Causes Writer’s Block

It’s very simple: our subconscious (which is our friend and wants to help us) believes that writing is dangerous, and so it wants to stop us doing it. And because our subconscious, as

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