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Writing Different Genres

Split Personalities

How to write for two genres and/or two publishers and/or two editors and keep your voice, your writing style and your sanity! On how to be true to yourself as a writer and

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A Murder Wall For Crime Novelists

Article posted by Nina Davies with the permission of Cheryl Kaye Tardif. A Murder Wall is a vital tool for crime novelists. Imagine trying to write a story without knowing your suspects or

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Put A Little Laugh In Your Heart

“I wish I could do that!” “Were you funny as a child?” “Where do you come up with your ideas?” I hear those comments every time someone learns I write romantic comedies. These

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Miniseries: Maximum Payback

Benefits of a Miniseries: * Each book is promo for other books. * Creative opportunities to hook readers on upcoming characters and/or enjoy “epilogue” style moments for previous characters. * The longer length

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