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The Business of Writing: Writing Query Letters

How to write the perfect query letter
Is it a romance

Is It a Romance?

I think the most painful word in the world is “rejection,” (this word is closely followed by “we can still be friends,” and “I’m sorry, we don’t make that dessert anymore,” but I digress). Rejection. Three syllables worth of disappointment, hurt, confusion—the angst-related synonyms could stretch on for eternity. There are different reasons for rejection—the […]

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Authors guide to writing blurbs - 1

The Busy Author’s Guide to Writing Blurbs: A Step by Step Manual Part 1

I’ve been in the publishing business for a few years now, and I’ve come to one, undeniable, unarguable conclusion: writers are insane. Loco. Crazy. What else explains our need to take a question like “What if a woman fell in love with her neighbour?” turn it into a story worth a few thousand words, then […]

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Authors guide to writing blurbs - 2
the busy authors guide to writing blurbs a step by step 3

The Busy Author’s Guide to Writing Blurbs: A Step by Step Manual Part 3

Here is Part 3 of Bromwyn Storms 3 part series on writing blurbs. You can start the series with Part 1. PART THREE: TROUBLE-SHOOTING If you’re having troubles writing a blurb that really nails your story idea, try writing the non-blurb. If your story is a dark, serious one, try a paragraph that describes it […]

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