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Next Class Runs February 22nd – March 3rd, 2021

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Enter The Line-Editing Laboratory!

Level Up Your Editing Skills in Just 10 Days with this Series of Live, Interactive Workshops and Activities.

What is the Line-Editing Laboratory?

The Self-Editing Masterclass for Authors.

Editing your own stories and books can be a frustrating and confusing experience for any author. What should you keep? What should you remove? Is that chapter truly in the best possible shape? Do those words really need to be there in order to tell your story properly?

With the Line-Editing Laboratory, the team behind the AutoCrit editing platform will take you on a voyage of discovery and help turn those essential edits into a more understandable and streamlined process.

A masterclass in editing mindset and how to put that mindset to the best possible use, the lab takes place in a friendly group environment with one common goal: to give you the skills you need to more quickly produce cleaner books to a publishable standard.


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Interactive. Immersive. Invaluable.

Throughout a 10-day program, you’ll be treated to live group workshops with the AutoCrit team as we help you gain clarity on the most important concepts you’ll need to tackle when editing your own books before publication.

See how to pinpoint the “big wins” in any editing session, and discover when to keep going with your efforts, and when it’s best to call it a day and let your work breathe. Preserve your voice as an author while knowing you’ve made your work as captivating, clear, and accessible as it needs to be.

With a cleaner, more polished manuscript under your belt, you’ll also stand to save both money and time spent waiting for your human editor to finish their checks before you go to print. Winning!

Our live workshops take place twice a day throughout the lab period, at 11 am and 8 pm EST – just pick whichever time works for you.

And don’t worry if life gets in the way – all sessions are recorded so you can catch up easily.




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Everything You Need – Even if You Haven’t Written a Word.

Don’t have something to edit right now? No problem! Inside the lab, we have our very own AutoCrit-exclusive short story… and we’re going to let you loose on it.

Using our online course platform, the Line Editing Laboratory brings everyone together under one roof to chat, offer recommendations, and present our work in progress.

Once you have completed your edits, you can share and discuss with your fellow labbies. Will your editorial choices match those of your colleagues?

Immerse yourself in the mind of an editor, absorb different creative perspectives, and build a set of skills that will serve you from book to book forevermore.


“The clarity the sessions have brought to how I approach editing is worth everything I invested in time and cost multiplied many times.”

M. Black

Exclusive Laboratory Benefits

The full 10-day program packed with live workshops and group activity. Workshops happen twice a day at 11am and 8pm EST. Just choose whichever time works for you! If you miss a session, don’t worry – recordings will be provided for you to download.

Additional bonus resources including exclusive checklists and reference guides for you to keep.

See how the experts do it. Uncover tips and tweaks you may have missed, and maximize the impact of your time spent editing. Your future books will thank you!

Master the DIY side of polishing your books for publication, saving you a wealth of time and money on human editing services. You should always make use of a human eye – but it’s sweeter when it costs less!

Build confidence in your editorial as well as written “voice,” by putting your skills to the test against our custom short story. Will you make the same edits as your fellow lab members? How will the story change in your hands? Find out with this lab-exclusive activity – ideal if you don’t have a book of your own to edit right now!

You do NOT need to be an AutoCrit member to take part! The Line-Editing Lab is open to all authors seeking to improve their editing skills and learn the core concepts behind polishing any book for publication.

Full Lab Access Plus Bonuses Just $99

Next Lab Runs February 22nd – March 3rd, 2021

Every session contained value. I found each day was better than the last, introducing new information and new and better techniques.

L. R. Wasion

What is AutoCrit?

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The only self-editing platform built from real, best-selling books, AutoCrit is your perfect writing partner from first draft to finish line.

Developed by writers for writers and loved by professional editors and authors worldwide, AutoCrit adds a technological edge to your creativity. By comparing your writing to a vast database of best-selling books by some of the world’s most renowned authors, AutoCrit offers easy-to-follow guidance that helps you produce cleaner writing that also meets the expectations of today’s publishing landscape.

Through a series of interactive editing reports and simple-but-effective highlighting, AutoCrit delivers step-by-step recommendations for improving your manuscript based on what readers want to see.

Produce cleaner dialogue, eliminate needless filler, perfect your pacing, and even fine-tune the emotional tone of your writing. With AutoCrit, you can feel confident in your efforts and know your book is improving with every session.

Whether you’re self-publishing or taking the traditional route, AutoCrit is there to give your stories the polish they deserve.

NOTE: You do not need to be an active AutoCrit subscriber to take part in the Line-Editing Laboratory. While we do use the platform to demonstrate some concepts, it is not an essential requirement for the lab experience.

Everything You Need to Grow and Excel as an Author.

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