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5-day virtual courses beginning June 7  

Mad Lab Writing Camp

Helping kids unlock their imagination and tell their story!

Throughout five fun-filled days plus a diverse selection of exercises and references, Mad Lab Writing Camp will help your student learn how to take their ideas and turn them into captivating stories.

From the beginning building blocks all the way down to making great word choices, they’ll learn how to bring their stories to life!

Hosted by writing tutors, this 5-day interactive course includes daily live streams packed with additional topics and class interaction. Ask questions, get answers, and work your way through the most frustrating storytelling blocks with the help of your tutor and classmates.

We’ll be providing positive feedback and encouragement throughout the week to encourage our new writers.

Day 1 – Forecast: Brainstorming

In this fun-filled first day, we will take a journey into:

  • How to transform inspiration into a compelling hook for your tale.
  • Creating a believable world… without taking two decades to research and plan!
  • Saying “yes” to your ideas and allowing your creativity to take flight.

Day 2 – Character Cauldron

Creative writing allows us to see the world from the eyes of an endless selection of characters.  From humans to monsters, aliens to talking trees. This exciting session will let us explore how characters drive a story forward and how to use them most effectively.

Prepare to uncover:

  • How to quickly and easily generate wildly different characters, complete with realistic backstory.
  • The key elements of believable characters your readers will truly get behind – and root for them to succeed. How to borrow from reality to create unique species and cultures straight out of your own imagination.

Feel free to come in costume as we have fun with characters!

Day 3 – Putting On Your Writer Lens 

A key skill to building a great story is being able to use “writer’s lens,” thinking like an author. 

On this day, we’ll discover:

  • How different Points of View affect your storytelling
  • How to write description in a way that is exciting to the reader
  • Writing dialogue that is realistic and memorable.

Day 4 – Story Kitchen

Now it’s time to take a trip into the story kitchen, where we will take the ingredients and whip your story into a magnificent dish.

  • How different Points of View affect your storytelling
  • What parts of the story to keep and what to cut
  • How to stay original and avoid cliché
  • What it means to “show don’t tell.”

Day 5 – The Grand Finale

It’s time to pull it all together. We will discuss next steps. What to think about when you are making a book cover. How to think of yourself as a writer.

  • How to put your work out there for others to enjoy.
  • What makes an enticing book cover
  • Thinking of yourself as a writer

Your Countdown to Fun Begins Now!


The 5 day interactive writing course, including daily live streams, fun games, and writing assignments.

Course materials presented in written, audio, and video formats. No matter how you prefer to learn, we’ve got you covered. You can even save all materials to enjoy at a later time once the course has finished.

Easy-to-follow worksheets – including the Character Creator, Species Creator, Dynamic Scene Planner, and more…

Writing prompts to help stir the imagination.

Full access to AutoCrit Pro, the complete writing and editing platform to help you throughout the course period.

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 Mad Lab Writing Camp is our wackiest, craziest camp yet!. We think you’ll have a blast!

But if you don’t believe that your student has become more confident in their writing, we’re willing to back our words. Your purchase is an investment in your student’s skills as a writer – so it’s only fair you expect an improvement in their abilities.

If you feel that hasn’t happened, just let us know within 60 days of purchase and we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund. It’s as simple as that.