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“Nothing is more important in my process than AutoCrit. I’ve edited four novels with AutoCrit, and I won’t go without it ever again.”

– S.J. Pajonas


First Up: Your Free NaNo Pack

A great story starts with a solid foundation. The NaNo Pack provides you with 2 content packed videos and 5 simple-to-use, but incredibly effective tools to get your story going and see it through to the end!

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The Story Structure Worksheet

The Story Structure Worksheet

Have you got awesomely creative ideas but not sure how to build a well-structured story out of them? The Story Structure Video and Worksheet breaks down the pivotal moments of storytelling, showing you how to cleanly organize a compelling story from beginning to end.

Critical Questions For Dialogue

Critical Questions For Dialogue

Your characters' dialogue can draw your audience in closer, or... cause them to roll their eyes. Our 5 Critical Questions helps ensure your dialogue compliments your characters and elevates your story to even more captivating heights.

World-Building Workbook

World-Building Workbook

As a storyteller, worldbuilding is a god-like super power!. keep the reader engaged, your world must feel alive and make sense (i.e. consistent to its own rules). Our World-Building Workbook helps you create an awe-inspiring - yet believable - landscape your readers will love to lose themselves in

120 Writing Prompts for Creative Minds

120 Writing Prompts for Creative Minds

Struggling to get those creative energies flowing? 120 Writing Prompts is gonna kickstart your brain into a super-productive writing session!

Quick Character Creator

Quick Character Creator

A great story demands great characters. Our Quick Character Creator lets you dive deep into who your world's inhabitants are, empowering you to build fully-realized characters your readers love, hate, and most importantly... remember.

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Our one-of-a-kind pro membership program is designed to help authors develop the skills and confidence they need to create awesomely compelling stories which hook readers, build audiences, AND get published!

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24/7 access to the world's smartest online editing platform - we're talking one-of-a-kind technology which lets you choose a specific niche and compare your work to its top-selling authors!

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Experience live events, special guests, workshops, Q&A’s with authors, agents, publishers, and artists, plus hours and hours of insightful content! (For Pro Members Only)

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The skills, clarity and confidence to successfully achieve your dream of being a professional author!

Lifetime Access To The Vault
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The steal of a lifetime! In The Vault you'll gain unrestricted access to a mind-blowing wealth of writing tools to transform you from raw writing talent to seasoned pro in no time flat!

Here’s just a few of the Courses included:

Enjoy a writer's bounty of skill-enhancing templates, video courses, and audio tutorials

Sharpen your business acumen to successfully navigate the financial opportunities (and pitfalls) of life as a professional author

Loaded with in-depth and bite-sized training modules to help build an iron-clad foundation for your writing career

Downloadable worksheets and additional resources to help you fine tune your craft and perfect each and every story


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