Woman yelling - It's NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo Is Go! A Message for 2017

Today’s the day — November is here for another year, and that means hundreds of thousands of writers worldwide are officially on a mission to complete their novel within the next 30 days!

If you’re taking part, we salute you. Everyone behind the scenes (pages?) here at AutoCrit would like to take this opportunity to wish you every ounce of success, resilience, determination, and motivation throughout the month ahead.

Speaking of motivation — you may have noticed that, for the first time ever, AutoCrit is an official sponsor of this year’s festivities. And with sponsorship comes the ability to extend a very special offer to NaNoWriMo fans.

We decided to treat AutoCrit users old and new to a little something special. If you click the box at the end of this article, you can instantly unlock access to your very own NaNoWriMo Survival Pack, containing a variety of helpful resources: The Chapter 1 Checklist, The World-Builder’s Workbook, and the video mini-course Writing a Page Turner.

The video course is usually restricted only to members of AutoCrit Elite, our advanced training and resource repository, but for now it’s open to all.

And that’s an important point. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo. Even if you aren’t, the Survival Pack is still yours, along with the AutoCrit membership offer inside. Every single element of the pack is specifically chosen to be of benefit to you not just for this month, but for the entirety of your writing career.

If you are taking part in NaNo and are determined to win, then you’re definitely going to want to get the pack — because if you do become a validated NaNoWriMo winner as an AutoCrit member, we’re going to gift you 6 months of access to AutoCrit Elite as a reward for your efforts.

It’s as simple as that.

Full details are in the Survival Pack, so click below and get yours now.

And with all that said, there’s just one more thing:

NaNoWriMo determination -- bring it!

Most importantly this month: have fun! Enjoy the ride, no matter where it takes you. Be sure to join us on the official NaNoWriMo forums, plus Facebook and Twitter, to keep us in the loop on your progress, offer your own tips and tricks that we can share on your behalf, and support each other through to the finish line.

We can do this, AutoCritters. Let’s go!


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