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What Joshua Sterling Bragg, Haunting Season Podcast has to say about Nightmare Fuel

Live classes were phenomenal on Zoom; just a ton of fun!

Joshua Sterling Bragg
Creator of the Haunting Season Podcast

Before You Proceed

Nightmare Fuel: How to Write Horror That Guarantees Sleepless Nights contains content and exercises that may not be suitable for those of a nervous or sensitive disposition.

Writing the most effective kinds of horror can often involve trips to deep, dark places within yourself. Exercises recommended as part of this course involve introspective fear analyses that may prove traumatic for some individuals.

Horror is often a cathartic creative endeavor, but we do want to be fair and safe with you.
This is not designed to be therapeutic.

Please be sure you are 100% confident that writing impactful horror is for you. By registering for this course, you agree that AutoCrit, including its staff and contributors, cannot be held responsible for any emotional or physical distress suffered as a result.

As a virtual writing group, we all work together to develop ideas, explore themes, and elevate skills.
Interaction is key and engaging with the course, through assignments and discussion, is a necessary part of the process.

Welcome to Nightmare Fuel
The Horror Writing Course With Bite

Prepare yourself for the most comprehensive horror writing experience you could ever wish for.

From foundational practices to specific, scene-based methods, you’ll learn how to find inspiration and lay down the building blocks of deeply effective horror that packs a punch.

Plus join our resident horror expert, Gareth – a genre journalist, writer, critic and consultant with over a decade of experience working with all things horror across the worlds of publishing, film, and games – for additional LIVE classes and Q&A sessions.

Co-authored by Writer’s Craft creator Rayne Hall, Nightmare Fuel offers a beginning-to-end journey that empowers you with everything you need to know about forging a career writing horror stories that people won't soon forget.

Bring your notebook – but don’t worry if you miss a live session.
All recordings will be provided so you can download and catch up on the gruesome goods.

Nightmare Fuel Survivors
What people who have lived through the course have to say​

Daryl M.​
Daryl M.​
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The guest speakers alone are worth the price of admission. It’s like a writer’s convention in your home. Well worth the time, effort, and investment. ​
Molly A.​
Molly A.​
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One of the things I most wanted to improve was the scare factor in intense scenes, really building up that fear. And I thought the class helped with that a ton!
Ryan P.​
Ryan P.​
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I enjoyed this course very much, and it has helped give me new things to think about when crafting my own work, horror-based or not. Thanks so much for putting it together!​
Joseph P.
Joseph P.
Read More
I’ve never felt so welcome and valued in a course before. Both teachers and students were so graceful towards one another from start to finish.​

Extensive Training by Rayne Hall
Exclusive Guidance From The Author Of The Writer’s Craft Series

Nightmare Fuel is built for your success – and that means our guidance comes from tutors who actually live and breathe the genre.

Enjoy an extensive selection of modules from Writer’s Craft author Rayne Hall, covering:

Idea Generation


Character creation

Writing Setting

Gothic Writing

Publication & Launch

And lots, lots more.

Nightmare Fuel isn’t simply a “one and done” course. Once the four-week period is over, you’ll retain access to our learning platform and course materials, so you can work at your own pace and continue to reference everything you’ll ever need to know about crafting spine-chilling fiction.

Module 1: Fear Warmed Up

In this foundation-setting introductory module, we’ll walk you through:

Module 2: Planning

Planning can be a contentious issue for authors, which is why this second module probably isn’t what you think… Here, you’ll get a thorough understanding of

Module 3: Humans and Monsters

Little is more important to the success of a horror story than the quality of its characters. In this module, you’ll undertake a complete exploration of:

Backed up with pre-made custom worksheets, this module will turn all of your character- and creature-building duties into a straightforward, resistance-free process.

Module 4: Horror with Style

No horror story is complete without a defined style – and while style can be a personal tool, specific to any given author, there are key concerns you should be aware of. In this module, you’ll discover:

Module 5:
Writing Nerve-Shredding Scenes

In this module we take things closer… and lay bare the building blocks for a truly terrifying scene!

Whether you’re planning to write a story that’s 100% horror, or just looking to add a few isolated moments of shock and fear to your adventure, sci-fi, or fantasy tale, this is the module for you.

The nine crucial choices laid bare right here will make conjuring your future scary scenes as simple as 1-2-3 (4-5-6-7-8-9)…

Here’s a brief hint of something you’ll need to think about:

Are you frightened by what you’ve created?

Module 6: Killer Tips and Tricks

Finally, no author’s toolbox is complete without a number of easily accessible utilities they can take into the action when and where the need arises.

In this last module, we round off with a series of tips and techniques that will add that final knockout punch to your prose – completing your transformation from a writer who struggled to frighten a skittish rodent, to an uncompromising architect of thrills, chills, and kills.

At last, you’ll be an author that horror fans know is guaranteed to deliver the sleepless nights they crave!

To get you started on the road to stardom, we’ve even included an expanded set of 66 exclusive writing prompts – so you can flex those macabre muscles right away.

Exclusive Bonuses

Scene Autopsies

In addition to the examples contained within the core modules, you’ll further contextualize core teachings of the Nightmare Fuel course as we guide you, scalpel in hand, through dissection of selected scenes from works including:

Develop stronger insight into the storytelling techniques and psychological triggers at play within works from some of the most effective horror authors in the business – so you know exactly how and when to deploy them yourself.

Exclusive Supplement

You’ll also receive a free bonus copy of our exclusive supplement, The Fearsome Five.

Created exclusively to complement your course, this unique collection of thoughtful tips and professional perspective includes original writing and ideas from genre heavyweights including:

Nowhere else will you gain access to this rare collection of knowledge – and it’s strictly for your eyes only.

Special Guest: Geoff Brown
(Cohesion Press)

Also included in your Nightmare Fuel course access is a ticket to our exclusive live streaming event with author, editor and publisher Geoff Brown of Australia’s Cohesion Press.

Most widely known for the bestselling SNAFU anthology series, which saw multiple stories picked up for adaptation in Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots by Hollywood producers David Fincher and Tim Miller, Geoff will be joining us for a live interview including open floor Q&A with attendees.

This is your chance to have your burning questions answered with uncompromising honesty by an established genre publisher and editor.

Don’t miss it!

The Nightmare Fuel Community
Activities, Guests, And Hours Of Additional Content

Alongside the Nightmare Fuel course content and live classes, you’ll also receive access to our members-only community forums throughout the course period.

Chat about all things horror, share your work, engage in creative writing activities with like-minded authors, and more.

Plus, join us for exclusive live events with additional guests from within the horror industry. Get involved, ask your questions, and share a few laughs and cringes with some of the genre’s finest personalities at no extra cost.

Past guests in our live events include:

Lee Murray


Jo Kaplan


David Haynes


John L. Probert


Thana Niveau


Gary McMahon


Rayne Hall


If you miss an event, don’t worry – recordings are posted for community members, offering hour after hour of horrific expertise for you to slice into right away.

All Killer, No Filler: Your Future in Fear
Activities, Guests, And Hours Of Additional Content

4 weeks of icy pure horror-focused writing (featuring live classes, module assignments and peer review opportunity!)

Comprehensive course materials presented in written, audio, and video formats - these materials are yours to keep!

Easy-to-follow, building block worksheets - including the Character Creator, Creature Creator, Scary Scene Planner, and more…

66 killer writing screen prompts to fire up your imagination, stream Q & A access with publisher Geoff Brown!

AutoCrit's Member Community network - so you can connect with like-minded authors and attend member exclusive live events!

Full access to AutoCrit Pro! Our comprehensive writing and editing platform that will help fine tune your terrifying tales!

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Worry your readers, not yourself.

Nightmare Fuel: How to Write Horror That Guarantees Sleepless Nights is our biggest standalone genre course so far. We think it’s scary good.

But if you don’t believe that anything you’ve encountered throughout the course has helped make you a better horror author, we’re not going to put you on the rack. Your purchase is an investment in your skills as a writer – so it’s only fair you expect an improvement in your abilities.

If you feel that hasn’t happened, just let us know within 60 days of purchase and we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund. It’s as simple as that.

So don’t be anxious. Save that for the readers you’ll terrorize with your newfound aptitude for all things horror!

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