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How To Write Romance Your readers will fall in LOVE with

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Before You Proceed

Penning passion is not geared toward writing erotica, but does cover a significant amount of detailed Adult Content and Exercises.

Writing the most effective kinds of romance can often involve trips to deep places and experiences within yourself. Exercises recommended as part of this course involve analyses that may prove uncomfortable for some individuals.
As a virtual writing group, we all work together to develop ideas, explore themes, and elevate skills.
Interaction is key and we recommend you engage with all suggested exercises and live discussion.

Your Host

Sensuality Scribe

Cara Crescent

Join our resident romance expert, Cara – award-winning author of seven novels and a non-fiction guide to romance – for compelling video lessons and additional live sessions throughout the month.

Live session dates and times for the September cohort are:
Session 1 - Wednesday, September 27th, 8pm ET
Session 2 - Wednesday, October 4th, 8pm ET
Session 3 - Wednesday, October 11th , 8pm ET

Session 4 - Wednesday, October 18th, 8pm ET

If you can't make it to a session, don't worry recordings will be uploaded for you to enjoy at your own pace alongside the rest of the course! 

The Romance Writing Course That Sizzles

Pen an Unforgettable Love Story with Expert Guidance

Prepare yourself for the most comprehensive Romance writing experience you could wish for.

Recommended Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

From foundational practices to specific, scene-based methods, you’ll explore the core techniques behind one of the highest-earning (and fastest growing) genres on the planet.

Uncover the science and psychology of romance, craft a compelling couple, build conflict, master the art of plotting and characterization, and ratchet up the sexual tension as you immerse yourself in every essential element of writing a successful romance novel.

Whether you're a veteran writer looking to refine your craft or a newcomer to the world of romance novels, Penning Passion's live interactive sessions and wealth of assignments will give you the tools and techniques you need to craft compelling stories that readers will hold dear to their hearts.

penning passion

Explore the Full Curriculum


In this foundation-setting introductory module, we’ll :

  • Explore the different aspects of love, including why we fall in love, the three stages of a budding relationship, and what exactly makes for a happy ending that resonates with readers.
  • The chapter also delves into the twelve stages of intimacy, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and guidance on what to consider when it comes to sensitive issues like domestic violence.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the hero’s journey, the key elements of plot, and how to weave plotlines together to create a romance in three acts.
  • Additionally, this module discusses sexual tension, including how to write the first kiss and turn up the heat while avoiding eye-rolling clichés.
  • In romance writing, character is key. Here, we’ll explore common archetypes of heroes and heroines and how to build on these to create fully developed characters that resonate with readers.
  • We’ll also look at how to romantically connect the your two leads in ways that feel natural, avoiding contrived emotions and unbelievable coincidences.
  • Discuss the importance of setting, “showing versus telling” for emotional impact, point of view, deep point of view, and how authors use all five senses to create the most immersive romantic tales.
  • Explore plot devices, tropes, formulas, and other writing techniques commonly used in the romance genre.
  • Uncover key techniques and the structural secrets behind emotionally satisfying endings… and how to make an audience cry.
Cara Crescent - Wretched Book Cover
context from real-world books

See How It's Done For Real

Alongside your course materials and worksheets, you'll also find extensive excerpts from real books by your award-winning host, Cara Crescent.

See how the concepts, tips and techniques you'll explore throughout the course are implemented in the context of real-world books that readers are buying right now...

So you know exactly how and when to use them to make your own romantic storytelling shine.

Find Your Happily Ever After

Write Romance Better Than Ever Before

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