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Get Professional Help to Develop the Perfect Book Pitch

One single pitch can be the spark that ignites a lucrative and rewarding career for any author – so you know you need to get it right.

AutoCrit’s Perfect Pitch Appraisal helps you craft all the key elements of your outreach into pitch perfect shape.

With this package, you’ll get thorough feedback on all the crucial materials you’ll be sending to prospective agents or publishers, including:

  • Your introductory query letter/email – to help fine tune those first impressions.
  • Your written story synopsis – to ensure it offers the right kind of story detail and meets professional expectations.
  • Any additional materials you plan to include, or have previously included, with your pitches – so you’ll know whether they may be a help or a hindrance.
  • Plus an in-depth, expert critique of your opening chapter(s) – so you can be certain those first few pages hook readers in and deliver on the promise and potential of your initial messaging.

Covering everything that an agent or publisher may need to see, from initial contact to the request for more, your Perfect Pitch Appraisal will set you up to knock it out of the park first time.


  • You have a completed, edited manuscript ready to pitch to an agent/publisher. If you feel your book likely requires more editing or you don’t feel it is ready to pitch to agents/publishers just yet, our Story Inspection service might be a better fit for you.
  • You have a prepared query letter and synopsis. Don’t worry if you haven’t sent them to anyone before – we’ll make sure to let you know if there are any issues in formatting or presentation.
  • We will require your documents in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. Since in-line commenting will be performed, PDFs are not acceptable.
  • All materials should be written in English (any form).
  • Provided materials should not include extreme sexual content, depictions of incest, or depictions of sexual abuse or activity involving minors under the age of 18. AutoCrit reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason. In this event, a full refund will be issued.
  • All submissions must be the original work of the submitting author or held under copyright by them.

“Excellent quality, filled with recommendations, advice and content, as promised. There was a LOT more added into it than I was expecting to receive. What an eye opener this was for me!”

–M. R. Hartman


How Your Pitch Appraisal Works

Step 1: A Query Review
A pitch professional specializing in your genre will read your query and provide feedback, including specific suggestions to help you make the best first impression.

Step 2: A Synopsis Review
We will then read your synopsis and provide in-line comments and impressions. We’ll also include any questions that may come to an agent’s mind throughout, plus include a summarized review with additional suggestions for strengthening your synopsis.

Step 3: A Pitch Chapter Review
Our consultants will review your first two chapters (up to a maximum of 5,000 words), and leave story inspection comments throughout. You will also receive a final summary critique from the perspective of an agent, so you know exactly what to do to present your book at its best.

Sample image of AutoCrit Story Inspection Contents

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