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Repetition Course Overview

Sharpen your writing by eliminating the five types of repetition.




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Repetition Course Summary:

In the real world, there are lots of things worth repeating. Like revisiting a fabulous vacation spot, rewatching a favorite movie, or having a second piece of that amazing triple-chocolate lava cake.

In fiction, however, repetition is a manuscript killer. It’s boring. It’s a sign of an amateur writer. And repeating the same phrases, actions, or sentence structures can annoy your reader or cause them to lose interest.

The worst thing about repetition is that it has a way of sneaking into our work. Even professional, published writers sometimes struggle to avoid all the various kinds of repetition.

The good news? AutoCrit is here to help. In this simple, five-part power editing course, we will give you specific, actionable techniques to:

  • Spot the five common types of repetition that dull your writing
  • Identify the repetition pitfalls writers often fall into
  • Easily revise your sentences to create more fresh, interesting prose
  • Learn where repetition can be used to your advantage
  • Discover how AutoCrit can help you instantly identify areas of repetition so you can fix them quickly

Eliminating repetition is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your writing and hook your reader.

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