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Hold Up - Don't Miss This!
Short Story Lab - Begins May 7th, 2024

As a special offer to our challenge participants, enjoy an opportunity to join our Short Story Lab.
Over the course of four weeks, our story coach will help you further master the art of Short Story creation.

Course begins May 7th, 2024

Short storytelling requires a different approach than novels. From foundational practices to analyzing your work at the word level, with the Short Story Lab you’ll explore the core techniques behind writing saleable short stories that pack a punch.

Learn how to create memorable characters that resonate with readers, manage effective tension, create a mood, and deliver an ending that truly satisfies – all within a limited space.

Whether you’re a veteran writer looking to refine your craft or a newcomer to the world of short stories, our live interactive sessions and wealth of assignments will give you the tools and techniques you need to craft compelling stories that work perfectly within the confines of a shorter format.

Note: This course is available in the Short Story Package which includes Showing Vs. Telling Workshop, Short Story Lab Course, Deep POV Workshop. Two workshops and one course for writing short stories for one amazingly low price!

Live Session Schedule:

– Session 1 – Tuesday, May 7th, 6pm ET

– Session 2 – Tuesday, May 14th, 6pm ET

– Session 3 – Tuesday, May 21st, 6pm ET

– Session 4 – Tuesday, May 28th, 6pm ET

Participation in the Short Story Lab will not affect judges’ outlook on your Short Story Challenge entry — but the skills you’ll learn will certainly boost your chances of success!