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The Speedy Solution to Storytelling Strife

Writing great stories isn’t easy. Even the most accomplished authors can take years, or even decades, to produce a novel they’re proud to place their name upon.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating. When things don’t seem to be lining up correctly, even the most patient writer will feel the pressure mount. And when you’re so close to what you create, sometimes simply asking the right questions of yourself feels impossible.

The solution? Step inside the Story Doctor Clinic!

For one single fee, you can now book a personal appointment with one of AutoCrit’s in-house story coaches. Enjoy 30 minutes of open consultation where you’re free to ask anything you like, bounce ideas around, and dig deep into the worries and uncertainties you have about your current story.

Could the problem be something to do with your characters?

Perhaps your main plot points just aren’t strong enough?

Are the stakes sufficiently high to maintain a gripping narrative?

Or maybe you’ve overlooked that vital missing link and left your story’s scope too small… or too big.

The possibilities are legion – and that’s why enlisting the help of an expert eye may be the perfect solution to your storytelling strife.



  • Each Story Doctor Clinic booking includes 30 minutes of professional consultation held via Zoom. Following your purchase, we’ll be in touch to arrange the nearest time slot that suits you.
  • There are no limits to the number of appointments you can book. If you would like to come back in the future for another session, you’re more than welcome! If you feel longer term assistance would be best for you, we would recommend taking a look at our one-to-one coaching service.
  • All sessions are conducted in English language. If you would like your consultant to look at your writing during your session, this would only be possible with manuscripts written in English.
  • Materials to be discussed should not include extreme sexual content, depictions of incest, or depictions of sexual abuse or activity involving minors under the age of 18. AutoCrit reserves the right to refuse certain topics and/or materials. In this event, a full refund will be issued.

The encouragement and excitement he had was infectious, and I most enjoyed the bouncing of ideas. Being able to talk through the story and plot points, and what he would like to see, just ignited my ideas on how to expand and strengthen my stories. The sessions gave me the honest feedback I was hoping for, and also gave me a lot of (good) work to do.

–Luis M.


How The Story Doctor Clinic Works

Step 1: Tell us about the problem(s) you’re facing
Upload your Story Doctor Clinic intake form to let our consultants know about the particular problem (or problems) you’re currently facing with your story.

Step 2: Book your time slot
Based on what you tell us in your clinic intake form, we’ll pair you with the best consultant for your needs and quickly arrange a 30 minute time slot that suits your nearest convenience.

Step 3: Break through those blocks!
Meet with your personal consultant online via Zoom, and use your time in the clinic to ask any questions you like, dig deep into the problems holding your story back, and break through those pesky blocks with the help of an objective, expert eye.