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Story Ninja Writing Program

January 11th or 12th at 7:00pm ET

Learn about this dynamic online program that will ignite the writer inside any student!

New Year. New Skills.

January 1st – January 30th, 2023


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The Foundations

Haven't developed good writer habits? You'll receive helpful information on how to develop writer habits to last all year.
E-mails with helpful tips will guide your journey.

Craft Your Tale

First, we'll provide an object, location and verb which your story MUST use. Then, we'll throw in some twists. This exercise in flexibility will help train you to face any writer's block in 2023.

Win Prizes

Submit your finished 1000 word story for a chance of winning one of a variety of fantastic prizes from AutoCrit (valued over $600). Prizes are also available through to community through various challenges.

Got Questions?

Answers to common questions about the challenge.

To participate in the challenge, you don’t have to be an AutoCrit Professional Member. However, all challenge participants will become AutoCrit Free Members. This will allow you to access the AutoCrit Hub and Writer’s Desk, which will be useful during the challenge.

If you are already an AutoCrit Professional Member, you’ll also have the chance to participate in exclusive pop-up challenges for additional prizes! Check the AutoCrit Community for more details.

If you choose to, yes! By the end of the challenge, we hope you’ll have crafted a 1000 word short story for a new story based on the template we provide. Submit your work to our judges, and we’ll choose a selection of the most striking or creative to win a prize.

AutoCrit Professional Members can check-in to the AutoCrit Community. For anyone who checks-in on a daily basis, we will be giving away some fantastic prizes! Note: These check-in prizes are a Professional Member benefit and are not related to your ability to win the Start Strong Writing Challenge.

The prompts will be revealed on the first livestream and will also be e-mailed to you. Make sure to stay tuned to future livestreams or your e-mail for the various twists along the way! 


Challenge Opening Stream: January 3, at 1 pm Eastern US

How To Make Sure Your Story Idea is Solid: January 10th, at 1 pm Eastern US

The Twist & Being Flexible as an Author: January 17th, at 1 pm Eastern US

The Second Twist & Learning How to Finish Projects: January 24th, at 1 pm Eastern US

Live Reading of Finalist Stories :  January 31st, at 1 pm Eastern US

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Recordings will be available on YouTube if you miss the live session.

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