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Whether you’re planning to write epic high fantasy, action-packed tales of urban witchcraft, or a crushing grimdark saga, Story Sorcery and The Quest to Write Stronger Fantasy contains content and exercises that will push your imagination to its limits.

As part of this course, you will be expected to read and provide feedback on the writing of your fellow students. Just like a virtual writing group, we all work together to develop ideas, explore themes, and elevate skills. Interaction is key and you should understand that engaging with the course, through assignments and discussion, is a necessary part of the process.

If you’ve got what it takes to join the next band of adventurers, read on to discover what’s in store.

Welcome to Story Sorcery

Throughout six separate chapters, plus a diverse selection of exercises and references, Story Sorcery and the Quest to Write Stronger Fantasy will take you through the tried and true principles behind any successful fantasy story.

From foundational practices to specific, scene-based methods, you’ll learn how to conjure fantastic story ideas and lay down the narrative building blocks of compelling tales and stunningly inventive worlds.

Featuring stimulating quotes from genre luminaries, handy example text, and real-world illustrations from celebrated authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss and Robert Jordan, Story Sorcery will help you keep your eager readers turning the pages all the way to the end.

Hosted by writing tutor Daniel Kaplan, this 4-week interactive course includes weekly live streams packed with additional topics and class interaction. Ask questions, get answers, and work your way through the most frustrating storytelling blocks with the help of your tutor and classmates.

You can even receive feedback on your writing from your peers should you wish to share it.

Story Sorcery Wizards
What people who have been through the course have to say

Dwayne D.
Dwayne D.
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I really liked the examples of the concepts in well known novels. It helps with understanding the breakdowns. ​
Megan L.​
Megan L.​
Read More
Love the efficiency and value of the course. The offline work paired with the lessons, then reinforced by the live class, in addition to real-time instructor/student feedback.
Aly B.
Aly B.
Read More
Daniel is funny and his use of tech was extremely entertaining. The lessons were thorough and interesting. I feel like I learned a lot.
Jared S.
Jared S.
Read More
These courses are helping me build my confidence and skill as a writer. I love that I keep access to the materials after the class is finished.

Chapter 1: Potent World-building

In this foundation-setting introductory module, we’ll walk you through:

Chapter 2: Brewing the Perfect Story

Many writers like to begin with a hook and then free-write, which can often end up in a tangled mess of words and plot points.

Just as a potion master wouldn’t experiment with a concoction unless they knew the function of every ingredient, a great writer understands the underpinnings of story formula and when, where, and if to deviate from established methods.

Here, you’ll get a thorough understanding of:

Chapter 3: A Curious Cast of Characters

Fantasy allows for a seemingly endless array of characters. From humans to monsters, centaurs to talking trees. In this module, we’ll discuss how characters drive a story forward and how to use them most effectively.

Prepare to uncover:

Backed up with pre-made custom worksheets, this module will turn all of your character- and creature-building duties into a straightforward, resistance-free process.

Chapter 4: Enchanting Your Readers with Style

No fantasy story is complete without a defined style – and while style can be a personal tool, specific to any given author, there are key concerns you should be aware of.

In this module, you’ll discover:

Chapter 5: Magical Moments and Scenes

In this module we take things closer… and decode the building blocks for mesmerizing scenes.

Understand different types of scene, and how each should be approached. Is this a build-up, where the audience is learning about the world? Is this an action scene, where the hero has found themselves fighting against an adversary? We’ll go through the different types of scenes and how to pace and construct them.

Here’s a brief hint of something you’ll need to think about:

Does your mind start racing when you read what you’ve invented?

Chapter 6: All About Magic & Other Tricks

A lot of fantasy involves magic, but without a clear system in place magic can appear to only serve as an author convenience, not as a part of the world.

Learn techniques to keep your magic within a plausible reality and how not to miss out on opportunities to take advantage of everything you establish.

We’ll also round off this last module with a series of tricks that will add that final knockout punch to your prose – completing your transformation from a writer who struggled to get readers to turn a page, into a master of many realms.

Soon you’ll wield the magic of Story Sorcery.

To get you started with your new skills, we’ve even included an expanded set of 50 exclusive writing prompts – so you can whip up a storm right away.

Exclusive Bonus

Scenes Explored

In addition to the examples contained within the chapters, you’ll further contextualize core teachings of the Story Sorcery course as we guide you through exploration of selected scenes from works including:

Develop stronger insight into the storytelling techniques and psychological triggers at play within works from some of the most effective fantasy authors in the business – so you know exactly how and when to use them yourself.

The Story Sorcery Community
Activities, Guests, And Hours Of Additional Content

Alongside the Story Sorcery course content and live classes, you’ll also receive access to our members-only community forums throughout the course period.

Chat about all things writing and fantasy, share your work, engage in creative activities with like-minded authors, and more.

Plus, join us for exclusive live events with additional guests from within the publishing industry. Get involved, ask your questions, and share a few laughs with some of the genre’s finest personalities at no extra cost.

Guests in our live events include:

RJ Barker


Jen Williams


Cass Morris


Katya de Becerra


If you miss an event, don’t worry – recordings are posted for community members, offering hour after hour of expertise for you to dig into right away.

Your Quest Begins Here!
Activities, Guests, And Hours Of Additional Content

The 4-week interactive writing course, including weekly live streams and module assignments.

Course materials presented in written, audio, and video formats. No matter how you prefer to learn, we’ve got you covered. You can even save all materials to enjoy at a later time once the course has finished.

Full access to AutoCrit Pro, the complete writing and editing platform to help you perfect your new visionary tales, throughout the course period.

42 fantastic writing prompts to fire up your imagination.

Specially selected Scenes Explored bonus, featuring breakdowns from famous works of fantasy.

Access to the AutoCrit Member Community! Enjoy recordings of past guest Q&As and take part in new ones, plus connect and share with your peers in a friendly private community.

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Story Sorcery: The Quest to Write Stronger Fantasy is our most magical genre course so far.

But if you don’t believe that anything you’ve encountered throughout the course has helped make you a better fantasy author, we’re not going to turn you into a frog. Your purchase is an investment in your skills as a writer – so it’s only fair you expect an improvement in your abilities.

If you feel that hasn’t happened, just let us know within 60 days of purchase and we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund. It’s as simple as that.

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