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How to use the Text Reader

It can be helpful to listen to someone read your text during the editing process. The AutoCrit text reader can be the next best thing to a live reader. Step […]

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How to use the Thesaurus

Looking for that word that’s on the tip of your tongue? Give our handy thesaurus a try. Note the video shows an older version of the user interface. The thesaurus […]

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2016 System Updates

We are excited to announce new updates to AutoCrit. The updates improve the existing system and add a few additional reports that will make the editing process easier and the […]

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Basics of Compare to Fiction

At the heart of AutoCrit lies its unique ability to directly compare your writing with the proven standards of successful, published fiction. The result of painstaking work alongside agents, editors, […]

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What is AutoCrit?

AutoCrit is an online book editing platform dedicated to helping writers make quick and impactful improvements to their writing style, get their manuscripts ready to publish, and become successful authors. […]

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