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How do I work with chapters?

AutoCrit can analyze your entire manuscript as a whole or on a chapter-by-chapter basis. To view by chapter, turn the Analyze by Chapters option to “yes” under you settings tab. […]

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What do the AutoCrit results mean?

Not sure if you’re getting all the information out of the AutoCrit analysis? We have a guide for each report. Check out the “Interpreting AutoCrit Results” section in the Help […]

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Is my manuscript safe?

Are you worried about who might see your manuscript? AutoCrit’s founder, Nina, is a writer, too.She understands your concerns. AutoCrit is committed to protecting the security of your information. We […]

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Add your own words and phrases

Do you have a word or phrase not found in the standard AutoCrit analysis categories that you want highlighted in your writing?  Words or phrases that you know you repeat […]

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How Do I Reset My Password?

If you’re having trouble logging in to the new site, try resetting your password. On the log-in page.  Choose the “Forgot password” link found below the Log in button.  A […]

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