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Basics of Compare to Fiction

At the heart of AutoCrit lies its unique ability to directly compare your writing with the proven standards of successful, published fiction. The result of painstaking work alongside agents, editors, and best-selling authors, the AutoCrit system is built using data from thousands of successful books, all fed in and averaged to provide a benchmark for […]

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What is the recommended editing process with AutoCrit?

There are definitely a number of different ways to attack the editing process. We recommend looking at dialogue first, as that’s one of the most critical sections of your writing. Is your dialogue really speaking to your audience? Are you using dialogue tags properly? What about adverbs in dialogue? Then you can take a look […]

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Edit your manuscript directly in AutoCrit

Yes, you can edit directly within AutoCrit.  Simply click into your text and type in changes.  Click on the Category button to view updated analysis results. So you don’t lose your work, AutoCrit allows you to save up to five revisions.  We recommend that you also save a copy of your work outside of AutoCrit as […]

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Add your own words and phrases

Do you have a word or phrase not found in the standard AutoCrit analysis categories that you want highlighted in your writing?  Words or phrases that you know you repeat or abuse?  Not a problem. AutoCrit will highlight and find any word or group of words you choose from a customizable Personal List. To customize […]

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