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2. AutoCrit Editing Tips

Character Archetypes

Protagonist: Main character with a clear concrete want that is trackable to the audience. This could be a relationship with a character, power or status in society, the answer to an existential question,

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Spelling and Grammar

Grammarly Integration: AutoCrit has a built-in integration with Grammarly Spelling and Grammar checker which automatically checks your document. You can enable the spelling and grammar feature by clicking on the Grammarly icon in

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How to use the Text Reader

It can be helpful to listen to someone read your text during the editing process. The AutoCrit text reader can be the next best thing to a live reader. Step 1: Highlight the

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Add your own words and phrases

Do you have a word or phrase not found in the standard AutoCrit analysis categories that you want highlighted in your writing?  Words or phrases that you know you repeat or abuse?  Not

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