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How do I save and load a revision?

AutoCrit only allows for a maximum of 50 saved revisions. Upon reaching the maximum 50 files, each successive save will result in the loss of your oldest file.  Use the export command to save a copy of your revisions and prevent loss of data. To load a previously saved revision of your work:  Select your desired file […]

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How do I bring back my smart (curved) quotes?

Many word processing programs (including Microsoft Word) automatically convert straight quotes typed by the user into curved quotes.  The name “smart quotes” originates from the logic used by the program to determine which typed quotes are opening and closing.  Microsoft Word hides the logic behind the scenes with embedded code in your text. AutoCrit must […]

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Does AutoCrit Suggest Solutions to the Problems it Identifies?

AutoCrit identifies potential problems, but does not suggest how to solve them. The reason for this is that there are many different solutions and only you know what is best for your story. Let’s take a look at an example to see what I mean… First, here’s a poorly written paragraph. There are too many […]

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How do I work with chapters?

AutoCrit can analyze your entire manuscript as a whole or on a chapter-by-chapter basis. To view by chapter, turn the Analyze by Chapters option to “yes” under you settings tab. By default, this is selected. To view results for your entire manuscript, simply select “no” and re-analyze your text by selecting the desired Category button. […]

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