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Interpreting the AutoCrit Results

Uncommon Words In Fiction

The categorization of words as either common or complex is an essential element in many readability calculations. A higher percentage of known or common words will result in text that is more readily comprehensible by a wider audience. This report characterizes whether a word is complex or common based on the frequency of appearance in […]

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Dialogue Tags Report

The AutoCrit analysis helps you identify the kinds of dialogue tags you’re using in your manuscript and how often you’re using them. This helps you in two ways: Editors and readers prefer minimal use of dialogue tags in fiction. This tool helps you determine whether you need to cut any excessive or unnecessary tags. It […]

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Adverbs in Dialogue

A major pitfall of amateur writers is the use of adverbs in dialogue tags.  Adverbs are those –ly words that modify verbs. For example: quickly asked. said angrily. wistfully said. happily replied. In fiction, adverbs tend to weaken your writing. So the general rule in fiction is to eliminate as many adverbs as possible, and replace them […]

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