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Interpreting the AutoCrit Results

Sentence Starters

As writers, we want to mix up our sentence structures—it makes our writing livelier and more interesting than if every sentence starts the same way. But we have to watch out for a

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Passive Indicators

Passive voice. Just hearing that term conjures images of ninth-grade English class with all its confusing grammar rules. Never fear: AutoCrit is here to help you figure out what passive voice really means,

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Generic Descriptions

As fiction writers, it’s our job to create a vivid, detailed world for our readers. But that won’t happen if you have boring, generic descriptions in your manuscript. Generic descriptions are fuzzy, ambiguous

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  If there’s one telltale sign of an amateur writer, it’s a manuscript crammed with adverbs. Adverbs are those –ly words, like quickly or angrily, that we tend to rely on in early

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Have you ever watched a movie with non-stop action from start to finish, so you felt like you never had a second to catch your breath or learn about the characters? Or have

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Redundancies are words that can be eliminated from your text because they repeat what has already been expressed or conveyed elsewhere in the sentence. For example: He reversed the car back into the

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Dialogue Tags Report

The AutoCrit analysis helps you identify the kinds of dialogue tags you’re using in your manuscript and how often you’re using them. This helps you in two ways: Editors and readers prefer minimal

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Initial Pronoun and Names

This analysis helps you see how often you start sentences in your manuscript with either a pronoun (she, he, it) or a name. Imagine if every sentence in a novel started the same

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Sentence Variation

  Information shown in the analysis side-bar Sentences by word count:  This section provides the number of sentences that fall within a specified range of word lengths. Clicking on the length range will

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