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Interpreting the AutoCrit Results


Redundancies are words that can be eliminated from your text because they repeat what has already been expressed or conveyed elsewhere in the sentence. For example: He reversed the car back into the driveway. can be simplified to: He reversed the car into the driveway. Or: He threw his keys onto the table. could become: […]

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Combination Report

This report combines some of our most powerful and in-depth analysis: Repeated Words, Repeated Phrases, Personal Words and Overused Words. Overused words are shown in red, repeated phrases in blue, repeated words in green, and personal words in gold.  Check boxes have been provided in the legend at the top of the right sidebar which […]

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Unnecessary Filler Words

  As writers, we know every word has to earn its place on the page.  That means tightening each sentence until it’s lean, clear and free of fluff. So those pesky little filler words have got to go. Filler words are words that creep into our writing during the drafting stage, such as that, just, […]

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