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Hear What AutoCrit Users Have to Say – OLD

AutoCrit offers everything promised and more.

It is one thing to have a story with a good premise, but another to bring it to life, and AutoCrit won't let you down. Add AutoCrit as an essential writing tool and you will end up with a masterpiece beyond your own expectations. AutoCrit isn't only for prospective writers, though. It's a tool to be revered among professional authors too. It makes you think. It forces you to formulate and construct better sentence structures. It will help to increase your word power. There are three tools I cannot do without: AutoCrit, a Thesaurus and a Dictionary. Use them in conjunction with each other and the results will surprise you.

Bob Triggs , Author

A vital step in my editing process

Indie Authors sit under a harsher spotlight when it comes to the quality of their prose. As such we have to use every avenue and every resource available to produce tight, highly polished manuscripts that can pass muster with all those critics out there. I’d recommend AutoCrit to all authors, new or established—it’s that useful. It saves time with my editors and spares my blushes.

Kev Heritage , Author

My writer’s group is going to think I've hired a ghostwriter

I thought the concept was good when I first found out about AutoCrit. I am happy to report that it is the tool I was looking for. It has taken me from staring at the pages to a blueprint for improving my work. Thank you.

GL Scarborough , Author

It's such a clever program

AutoCrit clearly identifies my writing idiosyncrasies, which are easily corrected. The support team at AutoCrit have been very friendly and helpful as well. Thank you.

Glennis Browne , Author

AutoCrit makes the process quicker and easier

I have an editor--a real one-- but I always have had to make several back and forth exchanges to fix up my manuscript. Now, as I've been using this program, I am sure I will be able to polish my completed novel BEFORE sending it to my editor, making the process quicker and easier. Thank you so much for all you've done for me, AutoCrit!

Hailey Woerner , Author

A great tool that will open your eyes

For in depth analysis of your prose, AutoCrit is a great tool that will open your eyes to a lot of literary styles and techniques; even if you are a seasoned writer. Click here to view BBC Video.

Kate Russell , Reporter, BBC World News

This is a great product that really forces you to rethink how you write.

Damn you AutoCrit. You've given me so much work my family are forgetting what I look like. You have highlighted so many errors within my work that it's taking too long to edit. It has dramatically helped me strengthen my writing and watch for flaws as I write, so when I start on my next book my need to edit so heavily should be reduced. This is a great product that really forces you to rethink how you write.

Stuart Carruthers , Author

AutoCrit makes me look better than I deserve and saves me $$

AutoCrit is making me a better, albeit harder working, writer :)) I see it in every category. I write novels on Scrivener running 75 to 100K words. I also write articles for trade journals and have two blogs. AutoCrit makes me look better than I deserve and saves me $$, my editor is good but expensive :))

Nick Hahn , Author

My manuscript flows better

AutoCrit makes me go back and rethink wording. I edited my work in progress and had a beta reader reread it. She said, "I don't know what you did but it's really great! It seems to flow better or something."

Debbie Brown , Author

With AutoCrit, I can now focus

AutoCrit forces me to dive in and rethink every paragraph, what I am saying and how I am saying it. Editing is very difficult. I have written 6 books, but this is my first fiction/novel work and fiction is a completely different animal. For a 55k-word book, it's huge. I didn’t know where to begin or what to look for. With AutoCrit, I can now focus—one paragraph at a time—with pointed direction. It’s a slow process, but I am making progress. I believe AutoCrit is making me a better writer!

Fred Raynaud , Author

I'm convinced my work is stronger.

I have to admit, I was skeptical ... and concerned that a formulaic approach could do more harm than good. But, having used Autocrit for the first 5,000 words (so far), and having subsequently read through the result, I'm convinced my work is stronger. I'm impressed. (100,000 words to go.)

WRR Munro , Author

AutoCrit takes care of the details

When I’ve done a million revisions and drafts, and my novel has been beta read and edited to perfection, I always have one more step to do before proofreading: AutoCrit. Nothing is more important in my process than AutoCrit. It takes care of all the details my eyes just don’t see anymore. Repetitive words? Check. Passive voice? Check. Too many adverbs? Check. My overabundant use of probably, usually, and definitely? Check, check, check. Each chapter gets the AutoCrit treatment until the words flow and become transparent. I've edited four novels with AutoCrit, and I won’t go without it ever again.

S.J. Pajonas , Author

AutoCrit is exactly what I need

AutoCrit is a fabulous product. It enables me to see where I can improve my writing without changing my meaning. It’s exactly what I need at this stage of my book. Thank you! Oh, by the way—I thought I was the adverb queen, but noooooo, I am the queen of “it.”

Anne Riley , Author

Best-of-breed tool

AutoCrit strikes me as a best-of-breed tool to help authors identify a wide range of mechanics and style issues that can undermine how a manuscript reads and make otherwise good writing look amateurish. I’d recommend it to any writer as a resource to help hone their self-editing skills.

Ross Browne , Owner/Director of Editorial Services
The Editorial Department, LLC

As a new user, I'm impressed.

As a new user, I have to say I’m impressed. AutoCrit has helped me a great deal in the few weeks I’ve been using the program. AutoCrit has been a great help for me to trim the fat from my narrative. It’s like having an editor looking over my shoulder.

Ted Tillotson , Author

AutoCrit makes editing enjoyable

I would no more attempt writing without AutoCrit than I would living without breath. My writing has become sharper and more concise with so much added flavor since I started using this innovative program. As the old commercial stated, “Try it, you’ll like it.” It makes editing so much more enjoyable and will give your manuscript a point of view usually missed by writers. Again, I can’t do without AutoCrit.

James MacKrell , Author

AutoCrit finds easily overlooked issues

AutoCrit calls a writer’s attention to word repetitions, clichés, sameness in sentence construction, and many other issues easily overlooked. A useful tool!

Renni Browne , Co-Author of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

Thanks for catching my errors before I made a fool of myself

I thought I was done when I finished writing my book. Boy, was I ever wrong! Thanks to you I've had to rewrite 80 percent of the book, but I’m not complaining—I’m congratulating you for catching my errors before I made a fool of myself. AutoCrit has made me a better writer (but a lousy husband!).

Bill Giroir , Author

AutoCrit edits better than writer groups.

I've been proud of my tight writing. Editors and writer groups seemed to nitpick my materials. AutoCrit edits better than my writer groups. It notices repetition, weak wording, and dialogue inconsistencies. I purchased a subscription today and already feel my writing getting tighter. It’s given me newfound direction for self-editing!

Ari Melman , Author

AutoCrit helped me polish my book until it sparkled.

I first purchased a membership to AutoCrit in 2009, when I was shopping around my first eBook in hopes of finding a publisher. In no time, I was able to place that story and start another one. Now I have more than 70 eBooks for sale with various publishers, and just about every time I’m assigned an editor, he or she compliments me on my crisp text and lack of repeated words, dull verbs, and other common problems. I believe I have AutoCrit to thank for this! It saves time and points out things I just wouldn't notice on my own when I’m in the heat of the creative process. Now I play a kind of game, trying to write so that AutoCrit finds fewer and fewer issues to flag each time I use it. It has definitely made me a better writer and a more careful editor.

Jade Astor , Author

AutoCrit is the best online software

AutoCrit is simply the best editing software on the planet! It’s amazing how effortless the tool makes the revision process for fiction writers. I genuinely think this is the best online software for writers at any stage in their career.

Sherry Soule , Freelance Editor and Author

AutoCrit has become an invaluable tool.

In one week, AutoCrit has become an invaluable tool. It has helped me identify several areas where my writing was subpar and in need of improvement. It’s like having an editor looking over my shoulder as I write.

K.D. Van Brunt , Author

A tool no writer should be without.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful this site has been in editing my novel—and I just joined the site! I would never have picked up some of the problems in my manuscript without this service. I've already made changes that have taken it to the next level. This is a tool no writer should be without. So glad I found it!

Karla Bullock , Author

I love being able to spot clichés

Avoiding the passive voice spices up the pace of my novel. I love being able to spot clichés. I’ve found it works best for me one chapter at a time, editing for each feature separately.

Linda Root , Author

Love AutoCrit!

The first time I ran text through it, it was almost like seeing the manuscript for the first time. I’m now able to make my story more vibrant and pick it up in spots where it slows down. Thanks, AutoCrit!

Kellie Sharpe , Author

Write clearly and concisely

I am learning to write more clearly and concisely with AutoCrit.

L. Michael Black , Author

AutoCrit is the crit partner I never had

AutoCrit eliminates “lazy eye,” as I like to call it—the tendency to look right past obvious issues in the manuscript. It’s the crit partner I've never had!

Jim O’Shea , Author