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The AutoCrit Story

AutoCrit had humble beginnings eight years ago as the brainchild of an unpublished author who was struggling to make it as a writer. Her problem was a common one: How do you get unbiased, knowledgeable feedback on your early drafts quickly, easily, and without spending a ton of money on an editor?

Critique partners and writers groups rarely fit the quick and easy bill, and it can be difficult to find a knowledgeable partner willing to take sufficient time to really dive into your work.

That’s why the AutoCrit system was developed. AutoCrit provides instant unbiased feedback on your writing. It highlights areas that can be improved and provides a comparison of your work with successful published fiction.

Perhaps most important, using AutoCrit provides you with confidence that your work is free from basic fiction style errors BEFORE you send it out for review.

Over the years, AutoCrit has helped thousands of writers improve their manuscripts and get published. AutoCrit continues to grow and adapt along with the ever-changing landscape of the fiction world.

2014 has been a transformational year for AutoCrit. The team has expanded, allowing us to provide better customer service to our members. The website and editing tool has also been entirely reimagined from the ground up to better serve our members.

Through it all, AutoCrit will always hold true to the mission that started it all:

Provide instant, unbiased, knowledgeable feedback to authors looking to improve their manuscript and become stronger writers.