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The AutoCrit Story

You give up a part of yourself to breathe life into characters. You pour your heart and soul into telling their stories. It takes months, or even years, to write the final words that complete the manuscript.  Congratulations-- the “easy” part is done!

Now it’s time to polish your manuscript into a book that stands out—capturing the attention of agents and stealing the hearts of readers. The transformation from great story to great book is an emotional roller coaster ride… and can also be an expensive journey to take.

AutoCrit’s founder was a struggling author, weary from the difficulty of getting unbiased and knowledgeable feedback on her manuscripts without the costly expenses of an editor. This journey from “first draft” to “published” had no quick & easy shortcuts…

So she created one.

More than 10 years ago, a powerful online tool was developed to:

·        Provide instant, unbiased feedback on your writing.

·        Identify frequently overused words that litter and weaken the impact of your storytelling.

·        Highlight specific areas that need improving, with suggestions on how to improve those areas.

·        Give a side-by-side comparison of your manuscript with a successful, published fiction novel

·        Simplify the process of fiction editing and revisions—automatically and instantly

Unlike other online editing tools that have popped up over the years, AutoCrit was designed by a fiction writer, specifically for fiction writers with a focus on the QUALITY of results.

In 2013, Jocelyn Pruemer, with a passion for harnessing technology to help people make better decisions, took over leadership of the business. Her background includes working for and with top level corporations including  Disney, IBM, PwC, Hyatt, Marriott, and more.

Jocelyn and her team have made some MAJOR updates to the Editing Tool over the past few years, further setting AutoCrit apart as the premier toolkit to help authors go from draft to polished manuscript.

They dug deeper into the fiction market, researched millions of additional books, and come up with ways to make the system easier, more powerful, and higher quality than any other system on the market.

AutoCrit continues to evolve and adapt to changes in the fiction publishing industry that puts more responsibility on authors to polish their own manuscripts-- regardless of how they choose to publish.

In addition, they invested in short, powerful courses to go along with the editing tool and help authors revise for key aspects of their story.  These courses cover things like editing for plot holes, making sure your theme stays with the reader long after the reader finishes the book, and crafting a page-turner readers can’t put down.

And that’s when we created our Elite Membership - combining the premier editing tool with access to weekly sessions and bonuses to help you Rock Your Revisions!

This step-by-step guide takes the guesswork and frustration out of the editing process.

Our mission is to help you transform your draft into a polished book agents and readers LOVE and you can be proud of!

Our promise is that we continue to refine our tools and service offerings to adapt to the market and innovate new ideas to make your job of getting your story to market easier and more efficient!

Over the years, AutoCrit has helped thousands upon thousands of writers improve their manuscripts and get published. Our proudest accomplishment is hearing how the combination of the editing tool, educational courses, and our active community helps authors become better writers.  Today, we would love to help you too.