How to Find and Capture Ideas - Inspiration for Novel Writers

[VIDEO] How to Find and Capture Ideas for Your Novel

Next to writer’s block – where the words required to progress through an in-progress work just refuse to come – one of the most common maladies reported by any fiction writer is lack of inspiration.

In this instance, the words don’t have a chance to come – because the idea they’ll be required to express hasn’t even been discovered yet.

If you’ve been finding yourself stuck for inspiration lately, or feel like your usual methods for flipping the switch in your creative brain are getting stale, be sure to watch today’s video by all-round publishing maven Joanna Penn.

Here, she dishes up a series of excellent tips that could get you riding the waves of inspiration in no time. (We’re big supporters of the notion of getting out of your comfort zone!)

Heading up The Creative Penn, Joanna releases regular in-depth interviews and tutorial videos covering all aspects of writing – from the creative to the business and marketing side – on her YouTube channel right here. Be sure to jump on over and subscribe if you’re a regular YouTube user!


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