AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup

Weekly Writing Roundup – November 17

There’s a glut of high-power tips throughout our picks for this week’s roundup – so without much further ado, jump on in and treat yourself to:

  • Custom Writing’s colorful infographic, 15 Amazing Ways to Write Faster. If you’re finding yourself starting to flag this far into NaNoWriMo, or just looking for simple ways to boost your daily output, this should sort you right out.
  • An important selection of things to ask yourself if – and say it ain’t so! – you think the reason for your waning pace might be that you’ve lost faith in your story. Your conclusions won’t always be what you expect, so be sure to have a look at these 7 Questions to Ask When You Lose Desire to Finish Your Book courtesy of Denise Jaden over at Jane Friedman’s blog.

Good luck, and see you next time!



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