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What it takes to keep a publisher “hooked"

Want readers to LOVE your book?

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I had a frustrated writer contact me the other day for some advice.
She had a fully edited and revised manuscript and had spent the last two years submitting it to agents and publishers.

“I don’t get it,” she said. “I run into these agents at conferences and they seem interested in the plot. But once they read it, it’s always the same – ‘I like it, I just don’t love it.’ What does it take to make them love it?”

If you’ve been writing for a while, you know the publishing world is brutal!

Agents and publishers aren’t only looking for another great storyline. They’ve got plenty of plots to work with.

What they want is a well written manuscript with a first sentence that grabs them and keeps them hooked through the entire book.

They couldn't care less about stories with great potential if they are poorly written and break the basic fiction style rules. These manuscripts are dumped in the trash and a form letter gets sent out telling the author they just can’t accept the manuscript. Not the desired outcome anyone is looking for.

So what does it take to keep a publisher and a reader “hooked” on your book?

The NEW and IMPROVED AutoCrit toolkit was designed with this exact question in mind.

From narrative tension, setting, theme, and characters to passive voice, adverbs, dialogue, and repetition, we’ll walk you step by step through the revision and editing process and give you the confidence to send your manuscript off to an publisher expecting a raving review!

Here’s a few specific areas agents and publishers look at in reviewing your manuscript:

Fresh content – Most of us are so anxious to get the story out of our heads and onto paper that we fall into the habit of using tired clichés and repeating phrases. BORING! AutoCrit will spot every redundancy, cliché, and generic description in your manuscript so you can choose new, exciting language that keeps a reader engaged.

Strong voice – Your protagonist might be a mousy individual who finds their strength throughout the novel. But the language you use from start to finish better be bold or your readers are going to give up on you. AutoCrit identifies passive voice, showing vs telling indicators, and repeating sentence structures so you know when your writing gets bogged down.

Well written dialogue - How dialogue is written in your manuscript speaks volumes to the quality of your writing - and it’s one of the first spots agents turn to in evaluating your book. Are you using more than “said” and “asked” in your dialogue? How about adverbs to describe the speaker? AutoCrit will quickly summarize your dialogue and guide you to the specific sections that you need to look at and edit.

Narrative Tension - Narrative tension, which is sometimes referred to as suspense, is the force in any story or novel that makes readers want to keep reading. With an AutoCrit membership, we’ll explain what narrative tension is all about, why it’s important for every genre, and how you can build tension into your story so readers simply can’t put your book down.

You deserve your best chance at getting published. That’s what we want to give you.

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Want readers to LOVE your book?

Take the guesswork and frustration out of editing and make your writing SHINE.

Click here to become an AutoCrit Elite Member today.