Great Novels Have Great Settings.

Our favorite characters and plots exist within deep, rich worlds. World building can transform your story by challenging your characters with trials and tribulations that can only exist in your created world.

Think about it…

  • Would Harry Potter be the same without the code of conduct of Hogwarts?
  • Would the Martian have the same tension without the brutality of Mars’ environment?
  • What if you could only travel to Narnia if you had blonde hair?

A living, breathing fictional world is just as challenging to create as deep, realistic characters are... but this painstaking work holds powers beyond your imagination.

Join our live 90-minute interactive workshop, designed to empower you with the skills needed to craft captivating worlds that readers won’t want to leave! Then get expert feedback on your own world design.

Fiction Writer's

World-Building Workshop

August 25 at 1:00PM EST or August 27 at 7:00PM EST



“Excellent quality, filled with recommendations, advice and content, as promised. There was a LOT more added into it than I was expecting to receive. What an eye opener this was for me!”

–M. R. Hartman, Author

–M. R. Hartman, Author

How the World Building Workshop Works

Step 1
Attend workshop

Join us for a fun, engaging, and insightful workshop and discover the keys to crafting captivating worlds that readers won't want to leave behind.

Workshops are held live via Zoom. The link will be emailed to you after purchase, along with additional worksheets to aid you throughout workshop activities.

Choose between attending your workshop on:

- Thurs, August 25 @ 1:00PM EST


- Sat, August 27 @ 7:00PM EST

We also don't mind if you decide to drop in for both! Sessions will also be recorded.

Step 2

Put everything you learned in the workshop to the test and develop the setting for your next story!

Utilize our WORLD System and worksheets to guide you through the step-by-step path to creating a compelling new setting.

Then upload your completed World-Building Worksheet (up to 2,000 words) using our secure form. One of our expert writing coaches will get to work!

Step 3

Receive professional, written feedback on your setting so you can see what's working and what's not.

Our experts will show you, in detail, how to improve your world building methods and also tap into your individual strengths to connect with your audience.

Once you finish the World Building Workshop, you will have a clear understanding on how to improve your world building technique and create worlds that will both captivate and draw your readers in.

Everything you need to conjure rich and imaginative worlds.

Discover the WORLD System that offers you a step-by-step path to creating a compelling new setting.

Learn how to make use of outside inspiration and creative prompts without becoming cliche or overly predictable.

See examples of excellent world-building and understand exactly what makes them work.

Take a deep dive into the various considerations of a living world, from biology to history to politics.

Know where to find free tools online that can save you time and effort.

Figure out how to avoid the dreaded world-building disease.

Fiction Writer's

World-Building Workshop

August 25 at 1:00PM EST or August 27 at 7:00PM EST



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