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Everyone is a writer. And anyone can be an author. Today, in a world where an author relies upon technology and their own unique craft, an all-encompassing platform is critical for creativity and productivity.

AutoCrit created a platform to help you, the writer: Benchmark your work with hundreds of best-selling authors such as Stephen King, Brené Brown, Tony Robbins, or Dale Carnegie.

The Most Advanced Writing Platform on Earth

* Over 30 powerful reports to help tighten your prose
* Set goals for your future work and a time frame to achieve it
* Rich text editing and enhanced visual elements for planning
* Distraction free mode so you can focus on your craft

New genres and authors are added to the platform on a continuous basis, keeping you on top of industry trends and reader demands. The development of your books planning and execution is a crucial part of any author’s journey. We are the only platform that instills confidence in your final product.

Low on Complexity. Big on Impact.

Editing doesn’t need to be as complicated as your plot

Category Results

Focus your editing in each category with a target number of words to remove.

Word-By-Word Analysis

Know exactly what words to focus on first. No other system comes close to providing this level of detail!

“Jump” Navigation

Save time by clicking on a word or phrase in the Analysis Sidebar to jump your cursor right to the next instance.

Save & Share Your Analysis

Share your text (with or without highlights) with a beta reader or editor with the click of a button!

Instant Feedback Available 24 / 7 / 365

No matter the time or how rough your draft, AutoCrit is always at your side. Access the platform from any internet-enabled device, wherever, whenever.

Step-By-Step Recommendations

Follow along with simple, step-by-step recommendations and craft writing that matches the quality of the best of thriller books.


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