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The Writer’s Room



Step into The Writer’s Room! Grab a cup of coffee or some herbal tea and settle into that chair in the corner. When you’re comfy, pluck something off the shelves and expand your mind. You’ll find hundreds of articles on all aspects of fiction writing on these virtual shelves, and they’re written for you by professional writers, including award-winning and bestselling authors like Nicholas Sparks and Carly Phillips. Writers can’t thrive on writing and editing alone. As with any craft, a true artisan is never finished learning.

The AutoCrit Blog

We’re tuned in to the online writing community, and we’re listening to the questions writers are asking. Every week, we publish new articles on popular writing topics to help you tighten your grasp on the craft. Read, and then comment to join the conversation with your fellow writers.

The Business of Writing

Should you self-publish or go the traditional route? What’s the best way to find an agent? How do you brand yourself as an author and market your books? Get ready to take notes, because we’ve compiled a library of advice and insights on the biz from successful authors who’ve been there.

The Craft of Writing

Does your novel have enough conflict to keep readers turning pages? Are your characters vibrant and relatable? Studying the craft will guide you toward important discoveries about your work and help you become a better writer. Explore our library of evergreen articles and you’re sure to have some epiphanies.

The Writer’s Soul

Writers are sensitive creatures. These articles will inspire and comfort you by letting you know there are others out there who share the same passions, challenges, and joys that you do. They’ll also help you find the motivation to keep growing and improving, no matter whether you’re an aspiring writer or a published author.

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has got to make sense.”
– Tom Clancy