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May 9th - June 4th, 2023

Join the Fourth Annual AutoCrit Short Story Challenge!


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Tuesday, May 9th – May 30th, 2023


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We’ll provide the rules and the theme your story should follow. Then it’s time to get to thinking!

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Check in for extra motivation and support as we all write and edit our new short stories (max 5,000 words).

Win Prizes

Win awesome prizes from AutoCrit and our challenge sponsors in our closing prize draw.

Reap The Rewards!

Here's what you can win...

The Grand Prize

Get your own, limited-print collection featuring your short story + $100 Cash!

At the end of the community challenge, our hand-picked AutoCrit jury will choose a winning selection of the short stories written, edited, and completed during the challenge period.

These stories will then be printed in a professional, single-run collection that we’ll ship to every author featured inside.

This collection will never be printed again, nor made publicly available and is not tied to an ISBN. All featured authors will continue to hold all rights to their work and can publish it as they wish in the future.

Consider this unique collection your very own AUTOCRIT TROPHY!

Note: Cover image shown is for illustration only. This year's cover will reflect the theme specified in the challenge rules.

What's the theme? That's a secret until you register! Though there might just be a few hints on this page...

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