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Summary Report

Get a quick overview of your text, highlighting trouble areas in your writing you should prioritize, along with an overall summary score to track your improvement over time.

Adverbs Report

Find those pesky adverbs in the blink of an eye. Simple highlights draw your attention, and numbered guidance helps you zero in on how many you should remove to match today's bestselling standards.

Initial Pronoun and Names

Starting sentences the same way too often can distract or bore your reader. Find out how often you start your sentences with a pronoun or character name, and ensure your writing is varied and interesting.

Repeated Words

Everybody hates repetition. Here, you can identify words that are repeated in close proximity, so you can easily trim repetitive usage without having to read the same passages over and over again. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this one.

Readability Statistics

Accessibility matters. Making sure your manuscript can be understood by most of the population means more potential readers and more potential sales. Find out how readable your work is with this handy report.

Spelling and Grammar

Identify mistakes in spelling and grammar and quickly correct them, with this integrated grammar checker. A must-have for any writer and included free with our Free Forever membership!

AutoCrit - Free Forever

AutoCrit - Free Forever

Get started now with AutoCrit's Free Forever membership, and enjoy a taste of self-editing bliss. Ready to learn, grow, and evolve as an author? Write better, right now.

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