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Award-winning author Cara Crescent first dreamed of being a writer in elementary school when the Mesa Tribune published her essay, How to Save the Planet. She wrote her first novel in 2010 and has since written seven novels and co-authored a non-fiction book.

Live Session Schedule:
Session 1 - Monday, March 20th, 8pm ET
Session 2 - Monday, March 27th, 8pm ET
Session 3 - Monday, April 3rd, 8pm ET
Session 4 - Monday, April 10th, 8pm ET

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Pen an unforgettable love story with expert guidance

Are you a writer who wants to craft compelling, emotional, and steamy romance novels that leave readers swooning?

Look no further than this comprehensive romance novel writing course! From the science and psychology of romance to the craft of plotting and characterization, this course covers all the essential elements of writing a successful romance novel.

As you explore the core techniques behind one of the highest-earning (and fastest growing) genres on the planet, you’ll learn how to create a compelling couple, build conflict, and ratchet up the sexual tension to keep readers turning the pages.

You'll also learn how to set the stage for romance, use deep point of view to let your audience fall head over heels for your characters, and craft emotionally satisfying endings that leave readers begging for more time with your lovestruck heroes.

With 4 live 60-minute interactive sessions backed up by a wealth of handouts and assignments, this intensive course offers a comprehensive and engaging guide to writing romance novels that sell.

Whether you're a veteran writer looking to improve your craft or a newcomer to the world of romance novels, this course will give you the tools and techniques you need to craft compelling stories that readers will hold dear to their hearts.

Penning Passion

How to Write Romance Your Readers will Fall in Love With

Begins March 20th, 2023



“Excellent quality, filled with recommendations, advice and content, as promised. There was a LOT more added into it than I was expecting to receive. What an eye opener this was for me!”

–M. R. Hartman, Author

–M. R. Hartman, Author

Penning Passion Chapters

Chapter 1

Explore the different aspects of love, including why we fall in love, the three stages of a budding relationship, and what exactly makes for a happy ending that resonates with readers.

The chapter also delves into the twelve stages of intimacy, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and guidance on what to consider when it comes to sensitive issues like domestic violence.

Chapter 2

Explore topics such as the hero's journey, the key elements of plot, and weaving plotlines together to create a romance in three acts.

The chapter also discusses characterization, including archetypes for heroines and heroes, plus choosing characters that work well together to raise some heat. Master inner, outer, and relationship conflict so your story truly pops.

Additionally, the chapter discusses sexual tension, including how to write the first kiss and avoid eye-rolling clichés.

Chapter 3

Discuss the importance of setting, showing versus telling for emotional impact, point of view, deep point of view, and the use of all five senses.

Explore plot devices, tropes, formulas, and other writing techniques commonly used in the romance genre. As well as the importance of crafting emotionally satisfying endings and how to make an audience cry.

Learn all the basics of writing romance

Discover the science and psychology of romance, including why we fall in love and how we do it.

Understand HEA and HEAFN in romance literature.

Learn the three stages of a budding relationship and the twelve stages of intimacy.

Craft the romance: character development, plot structure, and conflict.

Tips on writing a sex scene, including heat level and sexual tension.

Best practices for writing romance, including showing vs. telling, point of view, and emotional impact.

Penning Passion

How to Write Romance Your Readers will Fall in Love With

Begins March 20th, 2023



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